Have You Ever Wondered How Trekking In Nepal Is Like?

Posted in : 23rd Jul, 2018

Have you ever wondered why people trek to Nepal? Have you ever wonder how trekking in Nepal is like? We have mostly seen that those who once trek to Nepal, return to trek again…and again…  One who has already trekked in Nepal might describe trekking in Nepal is like heaven; as it is all about capturing moments and beautiful nature including waterfalls, flowing river, green meadows, gorgeous mountains and astonishing views of the valley. But it is not as simple as it sounds. One must never underestimate high altitude treks in Nepal or compare it to a previous experience of a hill station trip.

Trekking in Nepal is like a crazy adventure, a deep affection, and love at the same time. It’s perhaps very meaningful and necessary. If you have at least done one trek in the high Himalayas, you know what madness and love we are talking about. But why all these craziness for trekking is being in the wild? Is it just any other holiday? Definitely not! It’s much more…

Find Out How Trekking In Nepal Is Like?

Nepal trek packages mean multi-days walking the journey. Generally, trekkers walk for 5-6 hours per days or several hours; camping or staying overnight at a different place every night. Trekking in Nepal is going through routes where there is no accessibility of road transportation or it allows you to go through short-cut or go over high passes. Therefore, most of the high altitude treks require a high fitness level even to keep up an average pace on the trails.

Have You Ever Wondered How Trekking In Nepal Is Like

With eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, Nepal offers exotic locations with various trekking opportunities. From a short and easy days hike to extremely challenging multi-day trek, Nepal trek packages has always something to offer for all level of trekkers. Bottom line – you have to stay fit to enjoy your trek to the fullest. The variety of topography and high altitude makes it a perfect route for adventurous trekking activities. For a beginner, Nepal trekking presents low-elevated short days trek but the reward is always remarkable. For experienced trekkers, Everest Base Camp Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Upper Dolpo trek, are few to name challenging treks. Most of the first-timers take this lightly and ignore fitness and end up paying a big price on the day of the trek.

Nepal offers a large range of trekking and hiking choices that suit every level of trekkers. Here we have tried to present some choices for trekking destination.

Trekking Holidays Destination in Nepal

The main attractions of Trekking in Nepal are lofty mountains and unique culture that still exists in the remote corner of Nepal. Home to the highest mountain in the world Mt. Everest (8,848m); Nepal possess dramatic geography that starts low from 150 m at Terai to the highest point of the earth within 200 km distance. Furthermore, from green flat land to magical tree-less barren land; from tropical forest to alpine forest – which is home to numerous rare and non-rare flora and faunal spices; all shelters within 200km distance. Moreover, Nepal is a chamber of many spiritual, cultural and religious centers found at different locations from remote Himalaya to a semi-developed hilly region. The cultural people living in remote Himalaya and friendly people are always curious to welcome you.

Trekking in Nepal flourishes the rural villages and its people. Namche Bazaar is the burning example of how tourism impacts the remote town of Nepal. These all show that trekking in Nepal is more than just mountains and natural landscapes. The mountains and its majestic surrounding in Nepal are known as a natural playground for those seeking challenging and adventurous sport in an exotic location.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest (8,848m) – the world highest peak; every trekker have a dream to stand at the foothill of Everest. It is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal that takes you to the wild vicinity of mountain range through some of the world’s exotic trekking route. It is an ideal trek for those who have enough time in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek is more than just adventure and fun; the feeling is like conquering the world and the reward is just unimaginable.

The 2 weeks of strenuous walking will take you through a stunning forest of rhododendron; the dominant view of the massif mountain range, captivate the heart of every trekker. It also unfolds the last remnant of pristine forest and quaint culture. Everest Base Camp (5,365m) displays the great landscapes including the gigantic mountain range like Everest,  Nuptse, Ama-Dablam Lhotse, and many more. There’s nothing better than standing on the roof of the place you will sleep that night with views of gigantic mountains in front of you. Furthermore, it is not recommended for elderly people and those who are physically weak.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Probably one of busiest trekking route in Nepal, Annapurna base camp trek boasts the finest aroma of nature along with the magnificent mountain ranges and Himalayan culture. The elevation of trek varies dramatically starting low from 730m to 5,414m at Throng La Pass. The mountain peaks displayed during the trail is Annapurna (8,167m), the 10th highest peak in the world. Additional peaks include Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Machhapuchhre (6,993m) and more. The trek is very much adventurous trekking in Nepal that focuses both natural and cultural exploration.

Langtang Trek

Langtang is another popular and most sought trekking holiday destination in Nepal. Despite its increase in popularity, this region has remained one of unexplored and untouched trekking region in Nepal. This region remains highly protected in terms of culture and ancient tradition. The dominating view of Langtang and enticing culture are the major attraction of the trek. If you love to hike through beaten-off trail and seek to unfold the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal, Langtang trek is most recommended trek in Nepal.

How much time has it been that you did not have time for yourself?

These days we keep extremely busy making our lives better, for ourselves and our dear ones. Break free from the societal barriers of life and venture into the wilderness of Nepal. Trust us, you will not regret it. However, not doing it might take you places in the society, but not in your own limited Life! It is never too late to start working for your next trek.

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