Why Travel Is Required For Your Mind and Body?

Posted in : 18th Sep, 2018

As Gandhi Said “Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Let us put it this way travel changes the way you think, the way you view yourself in the society, and the way other views you in the society. Travel is indeed a transformation process. It transforms us and provides us with a boost to wake up to counter the day.

Indeed, everyone loves to visit a new place, everyone loves the change of the scene. Nevertheless, do you know what traveling to a new, exciting place will literally change your brain for the better? When starting travel planning our brain release a dopamine, which makes us feel good. We feel happier and fresh. Remember this is just a planning phase and we are already very happy.

Why Travel?


By taking a break from daily life (which might be hectic for someone), unplugging from the pulls and pushes of technology and being whelmed into the pace of repetition, travel is a simpler chance to discharge an undesirable liability. Additionally, it is engaging to encircle yourself with individuals who do not have a clue about the reference book of your past. It strengthens readiness to expand perspectives, and to get unstuck and to move in new ways.

Further, your brain is a universe and there is a lot of unexplored parts in it. Travel will expand your brain horizon. You will have knowledge of a new place, history, people, and lifestyles of people living in that place. This will connect you to other cultures and people. The horizon of your brain keeps on expanding. In addition, you will know something, which you never knew about.

Furthermore, traveling to new places slows you down, giving you a break from the redundant lifestyle. It forces you to be present and attentive. Example Nepal travel and tours, which is famous for its mighty Himalayas offers one of the best sceneries and landscapes in the world. Now, this beauty will captivate you without any pressure from someone else.

When life startles us, let us not underestimate what we have. It removes from being yourself and to acknowledge how fortunate we truly are to have our day by day comforts promptly accessible. The people we meet and experience during our travel fill in as a suggestion to treat others with comparative graciousness, regardless of where we are, and to be thankful for the integrity that life offers. Assume that the universe hears your appreciation and the more appreciation you develop, the more goodness returns to you!

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