Which Nepal Trip Package Allures You?

Posted in : 5th Sep, 2018

Nepal trip package comes in a variety. It includes cultural tours, scenic tours, wildlife tours, trekking tours, incentive tours to name a few.

Cultural Trip in Nepal:

Travelers will have a wonderful cultural trip in Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu valley consists of three sister cities including Kathmandu city, Patan city, and Bhaktapur City. Beautiful Durbar Squares and medieval architectures inside dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries decorate each of these cities. Kathmandu has the majority of UNESCO World Heritage sites rivaled by none other nations of this small size. The famous trip in and around Kathmandu valley are:

a. Tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swoyambhunath Stupa “ Monkey Temple” (3 hrs)
b. Tour of Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa (3 hrs)
c. Tour of Bhaktapur Durbar square (3 hrs)
d. Tour of Patan Durbar Square (3 hrs)
e. Tour of Changunarayan temple (3 hrs)

UNESCO has listed these sites as World Heritage sites

Each of these tours is one half day. One half day is approx. (3 – 4 hours). However, if you have booked a private tour from a local agent, then you may extend the tour, see the places, and talk with the people around. Who knows this might be your first and last visit to Nepal. In addition, you have to tell a story about your tour with your friend, families, and colleagues

Kathmandu Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square
Boudhanath Stupa


View From Poonhill During TrekkingMost of the visitors stick to the few established trekking routes. They have a good reason for it, the trails of Annapurna and Everest offers close-up views of the very highest peaks, dramatic scenery, and fascinating local culture.

Trekking in Nepal:

There is no doubt that Nepal offers some of the most spectacular sceneries in the world. Further Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Base camp trek is among the best treks in the world. Trekking is a most efficient way to experience the culture and landscape diversity of Nepal.

Some of the popular trekking routes in Nepal:-
a. Everest Base camp trek (14 – 15 days)
b. Annapurna Base Camp trek (14 – 15 days)
c. Langtang trek (11-12 days)

Normally the best time to do these treks are in autumn (early October to early December) and during spring (February to April). As these months offer clear skies, good view of snow-capped mountains, and blossoming wildflowers along the trails.

There is an underrated trek such as Upper Mustang Trek. The reason is that it is an expensive trek. Upper Mustang lies in the restricted area, for all foreigners price is: US $500 per person for the first 10 days and USD 50 per person per day thereafter.

Upper Mustang Trek

The best season for this particular trek is from June to September. Although, these monsoon months are an off-season for the other popular treks in Nepal but best for this trek. Upper Mustang only receives minimum rainfall as it lies in the shadow of mighty Himalayas hence, this is an ideal trek for these months. During the months of Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov, Dec this region gets very cold hence is not suitable to trek.

Please see the entry fees for the national park http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/page/trekking-route

Scenic Tour in Nepal:

The soaring Himalayas are, to many travelers’ mind, the chief reason for visiting Nepal. Nepal offers outstanding scenery to the travelers. The best places for a scenic tour are as follows:

a.  Nagarkot Hill Village:

This small village town, which is 35 km from Kathmandu, offers a classic panorama of the Himalayas. The view is dominated by Langtang range, which on good days looms alarmingly close above a wall of rock. While the mountains are relatively far compared to the intimate views trekkers’ experience, the panorama is impressively expansive. Nagarkot is a popular destination for sunrise and sunset views. Normally, tourist stay overnight at the resorts in Nagarkot to see the early morning, sunrise views over the Himalayas.

View From Nagarkot

Don’t expect a lot of action, Nagarkot is a pseudo – resort rather than an indigenous village, little more than a few huts and resorts.

b. Pokhara Valley:

This valley is the second popular destination in Nepal after Kathmandu. It has been luring tourist for a close view of mountains and tranquil lakes. Basking, besides its verdant lakeshore, on clear mornings it boasts a nearly unobstructed view of Annapurna and Manaslu ranges. Pokhara tourist’s scene lolls beside Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake). “ Lakeside” as it is known by remains Nepal’s little paradise; carefree, culturally undemanding.

Pokhara Valley

Scenic Attractions inside Pokhara Valley:

a.The World Peace Stupa:

A local landmark that crowns the ridge across the lake at an elevation of 1113 meter provides one of the most satisfying short hikes in Pokhara Valley. The views from the top are simply phenomenal. Standing more than 40 meters tall, the Stupa looks as if it has been cross-bred with a lighthouse, but the view from here is just about the best wide- angle panorama you can get of this part of the Himalayas, and certainly the one with Phewa lake and Pokhara city in the foreground.

World Peace Stupa

b. Sarangkot Hill:

At an elevation of 1590 meter, the high point of the ridge that rises north of Phewa Lake. The Himalayas spread themselves in a stomach-lurchingly splendid panorama. The lake view behind is pretty special too, making this the most popular mountain viewpoint in Pokhara.


c. Daman:

Standing at an elevation of (2322 meters), this place is the most comprehensive Himalayan viewpoint surrounding Kathmandu Valley. Daman’s pride is the Everest view tower; a cement structure built and run by the government gives an expansive 386 km panorama from Mount Dhaulagiri all the way east to Mount Kangchenjunga.


The view is incredibly comprehensive; all the five Annapurna peaks, the impressive form of Himchuli, Mount Ganesh, The rarely seen Shishapoangma in Tibet, Langtang, the Jugal Himal, and the many peaks of Khumbu Himal, including the excellent view of Mount Everest.

Wildlife Tour in Nepal

Nepal, a country with the snow-capped Himalayas also has another beautiful side. It contains spectacular tropical jungles teeming with wildlife.  These tropical plains, are a rich habitat to much remarkable flora and fauna. Further, the popular wildlife activities in Nepal are bird watching, jungle treks, elephant safari, dugout/canoe, jeep safari, sunset view from Rapti River, jungle walk and many more.

Endangered One- Horned Rhino

These are the finest destination for wildlife tours destinations in Nepal.

1. Chitwan National Park:

A UNESCO world heritage site covering the wide, diverse area of 932 sq km elevated from lowest 100 meters above sea level, which contains a mix of tropical and subtropical dense jungles. This national park is one of the most preserved parks in South East Asia. However, don’t compare this place with a Rainforest or a savanna, it is more scrubbed. It enjoys a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity all through the year.


Elephant Breeding Center in Chitwan

Furthermore, it has 800 bird species and is one of the best bird watching destinations in Nepal. This park is home to more than 50 various species of mammal, 150 types of butterflies, and 126 types of fishes, 55 various types of amphibians and reptiles. The rare, endangered are animals and birds found in the park – One-horned rhinoceros, elusive Bengal Tiger, and many more. You will experience a cultural diversity different from Kathmandu and Pokhara. This tour definitely has some cultural aspect to it.

Elephant Back Safari In Chitwan

2. Bardia National Park:

Bardia National park is the largest protected park in Terai, which covers an area of 968 sq km. It is a place to go surely if you are a wildlife lover as here, is a better chance of spotting an elusive Bengal tiger if that is your objective or a highlight of the wildlife tour. Others include leopards, sloth bears, nilgai, gharial crocodile, and elusive gigantic dolphin to name a few. You may indulge in various wildlife activities, jeep trips, elephant rides, walking safari and many more.

Elusive Bengal Tiger In Bardia

On the contrary, to Chitwan, this place is only visited by fewer tourists who are truly wildlife enthusiasts. The reason being the less number of quality lodges, logistics, and pricing. In summary, it is an unspoiled jungle in South East Asia for wildlife in their natural habitat.

Jeep Safari In Bardia National Park

3. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve:

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife-protected area in Terai covering an area of 175 sq km. Visitors can even have a glance of the Sapta Koshi River, a river formed by joining of seven smaller rivers. Further, this reserve is a home to Nepal’s last herd of wild Arna (wild buffaloes), Gangetic dolphins, Asian elephant, smooth-coated otter etc. Further, this place is one of the best places for bird watching tour.

Wild Elephants in Koshi Tappu


Different species of birds including black –headed cuckoo-shrike, olive ground warbler, wren babbler. In addition, if you want to escape from the crowd and hustle and bustle of the city for a few days, then this is the best option for you as this park welcomes few numbers of tourists.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

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