Trek in Nepal: Some Good Things to Know Before You Go

Posted in : 8th Feb, 2018

Trek in Nepal: Some good things to know before you go can make a long list starting from the best season of the year to the best places, the best treks and routes, the best time of year, the best local guides, to the best hotels to stay, or the best trekking agencies to book in advance. You may definitely want to scroll down to find out in detail about your search on trekking in Nepal: some good things to know before you go from the first-hand service provider in the trekking industry in Nepal – the TravelsmithNepal.

Trek in Nepal: Before You Arrive – The Best Season Is Autumn.

When you are planning to trek to Nepal, the first thing you should know is about the weather and season. The best time of year to go for trekking in Nepal is the autumn season and this falls in Nepal from late September to early December. A very mild temperature neither hot and nor cold, clear view of the snow-covered mountains, availability of local youths for volunteer and nominal wages for your local guides, no casual rainfall, and also less risk of disease contamination all together make this season best to go out for the trek in Nepal.

Keep 2-3 Days Margin

One important thing you have to prepare while trekking in Nepal is the chances of flight cancellation and postponement. To keep yourself in the safe side, you’d better make a flexible schedule of 2-3 days margin so that you don’t miss the final departure from Nepal to your home country back. You may also think of taking 2-3 days of relaxation, meditation, or going to some recreational centres after your adventurous trekking in Nepal is over.

Health and Altitude Sickness

Most of the trekking routes in Nepal lie in high altitudes. When you suddenly reach a high altitude, due to the change in air pressure, your body may not be able to absorb the required amount of oxygen. The symptoms are a headache, dizziness, nausea, lethargy and tired feeling, shortness of breath, and tightening chest muscles. After you can confirm that you have started showing the symptoms of altitude sickness, the best way out is to withdraw. You may want to come back to the lower altitude and stay until you feel comfortable.

To avoid any displeasing health problem our trekking package includes medical expert for your help. We also have a direct contact with the nearest doctors on the trekking route.

Take Trusted Local Guides We Recommend

After a long experience in the trekking industry in Nepal, we have identified the best local guides who can make your trek wonderfully pleasing. Also, based on our guests’ reviews, the guides we prescribe for you will only think of providing you with the details of the trekking routes and the good things to know while trekking in Nepal.

Know the Cultural Etiquettes

Everywhere in Nepal guests are honoured as Gods; so will you be treated. However, you may also feel a bit different response to the way you present yourself to people, the way you greet, and the way you dress up. Normally, women are not expected to wear shorts. Dress up fully covering your body is considered decent. You are also not expected to kiss an unfamiliar person of the opposite sex. Female visitors better not to go alone with a male guide. The most common language of greeting is “Namaste!” It is good to do prayer in the temples and stupas, but not mandatory. If the host chooses to put “tika”, a red mark on your forehead, you better accept by bowing your head. So, knowing the cultural etiquettes makes you emotionally close to people here.

Drinking Water: How to Ensure It Is Safe?

The good thing about ensuring the safety of drinking water is you have your own refillable drinking water bottle. You can buy aqua mineral water jar and have them carry by your porters. No need to carry your own luggage. The good thing to know is that nowadays there are plenty of shops on your trekking routes which sell the packaged drinking water. The most important thing to know about the drinking water in Nepal is: Tap water is unsafe.

Equipment to Take

  • While going trekking in Nepal, you may think of the following things to carry with you:
  • First Aid Kit
  • Personal Medications
  • Tissue Paper
  • Camera
  • Some antibiotics you frequently use for respiratory illness and bowel syndromes
  • Thermals
  • Warm Sleeping Bag
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Warm Jacket
  • Cash Money (ATM will not work)
  • Bandaids

Where to Stay During a Trek?

“Do I stay in a hotel during a trek?” Our answer to your question is, “Most probably not.” The most common rest overnight is the teahouses on the trekking routes. Somewhere you may even have to set up your own camps. You need not worry about setting up the camps. We assist you with the tents, campfires, and even cooking and feeding.

Trek in Nepal and Good Things to Know with TravelsmithNepal

Some good things to know before you go for a trekking in Nepal is the TravelsmithNepal ensures your safety, satisfaction, and the best of your holiday time in Nepal. We constantly reinvent the travel styles using the feedback from our guests. If you want to have a direct conversation with the travel experts about other more and contemporary good things to know while going for a trek in Nepal, please do contact us here.

To find more information on various other aspects of trek in Nepal, visit our website here.

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