Traveling to Nepal?

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Traveling to Nepal?

Nepal history is shaped by its geographical location, between fertile plains of India in the south and the desert-like plateau of Tibet in the north. Further, its strategic location between two India and China has meant that Nepal has at times played the role of intermediary- a trader between two great powers.

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Kathmandu Valley

Its history is just as diverse, producing the Himalaya’s most sophisticated cultures, centered on the three great mini-kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley – Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. Here in the winding alleys and hidden courtyard scattered with temples and shrines.

Moreover, Kathmandu has been attracting tourists since the 1960s. For many people landing and stepping out of the aircraft is a sensory overload, the sounds, the smell etc;

Kathmandu Durbar Square os the major attraction inside Kathmandu Valley, packed with its extraordinary temples and monument dating back to the third or fourth century.

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During the 15th century, the Kathmandu Valley divided into three independent cities Kathmandu city, Patan City, and Bhaktapur City. Now, they are referred to as the sister cities. All these cities have beautiful Durbar Squares, where the kings used to live in the past. Now, these places are a fascinating tourist attraction inside the Kathmandu Valley.

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With the superb mixture of the man-made structures and natural beauty, the valley is often called ” A living Cultural Museum”. The old town focused around the old Royal Palace or Durbar Square is the first must-see; be sure to also visit the outlying holy sites of Swoyambhunath, Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath.

The Climate

To elaborate, Kathmandu valley is 1,300 meters above the sea level which creates a near-perfect climate; warmer days, cool mornings and evenings, abundant monsoon rain. The valley enjoys five different climates.

Spring season: March-April
Summer season: May-June
Rainy season: July-September
Autumn: October-November
Winter: December-February

Changing crop colors marks the change in the seasons. The rice paddies begin as floating mirrors in early monsoon, turning to vivid green, then gold. The autumn harvest gives way to the textures browns of the fallow field, followed by the green of spring wheat and the gold of flowering mustards.

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Pokhara Valley

Similarly, just 200 km west of Kathmandu, where tropical flowers grow on the shores of a tranquil lake and Himalayan peaks fill the skyline. In just a few decades Pokhara Valley has gone from secluded Shangri-La to major tourist destination after Kathmandu. However, its stunning natural beauty remains largely unspoiled. Nevertheless, it is one of the most visited destinations in Nepal.

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Mainly, the tourist area of Lakeside stretched out along the southeast shore of the valley’s is the major tourist attraction. Lakeside has its own charm especially in the evening when darkness hides the clutter and the shops are lit up like Christmas trees.

Besides, trekkers know Pokhara as the starting point for spectacular Annapurna trekking trails. Similarly, for non-trekkers, the valley offers mountain views and a glimpse of rural Nepali life going far beyond those of the Kathmandu valley. For everyone, Pokhara is an utterly relaxing place.

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Furthermore, this 124 – square – km valley is dotted with a half a dozen lakes. Consecutively, the largest, three km long Phewa Lake, is the major tourist attraction- for many people the only attraction. The valley is cut by the Seti River, part of the Gandaki river system that drains the central Hills and meets in the Terai. The river appears and disappears throughout its course, in some places carving dramatically deep and narrow canyons.

Chitwan National Park

Nepal’s Terai possesses a beauty that is totally unexpected in the country known best for soaring Himalayas. Nowhere, is this beauty better displayed than in Chitwan National Park, a majestic, powerful, downright primeval place teeming with wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Further, Chitwan is among Asia’s finest national parks, renowned for its variety and abundance of wildlife and its top-class tourist lodges, which provides an opportunity to see the animal in their natural habitat. Don’t expect the jungle to be lush tropical rainforest: In truth, it’s rather scrubby. Moreover, Stalking the animals, whether by an elephant, dugout canoe, jeep, or on foot, is the main activity here. Monkeys, endangered one-horned rhino, and birds are all over the place. Nevertheless, Chitwan’s big appeal is the pervasive sense of relaxation, which soaks in deeper the longer you stay.

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Best of Nepal package includes all these destinations of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. Further, you may book this trip to have one of the experiences of a lifetime.

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