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Posted in : 14th Dec, 2017

Traveling to foreign countries, being a part of the local crowd during your sightseeing tours, speaking with the locals and trying to fit in altogether is the best part of travel we like.

You will be judged by various factors starting from your looks, attire, the local guide who is assisting you with the vehicle you are using for your tours and travels.

Traveling is making an investment and the return seems to be complicated. While investing can you judge what will be the return? Will your investment be worth it? Will you find a very good travel service provider in the foreign country? Will you believe in that company?

For those who wish to travel in style

Before traveling

  1. Choose the travel company who is legitimate, registered with the respective country’s government. Go through their credentials.
  2. The web site does a good deal of talking. As you will be purchasing service, the website will define a service scape of the company/travel service provider.
  3. Go through the testimonials of their past clients.
  4. Talk to the travel service provider. Are they educating you or just bluntly saying yes to every request. If they are just saying yes, they are not educating you. Make sure your travel service providers are the experts in their region. If they are orienting you about the destination, they are using their expertise to make your tour memorable and convenient.
  5. Are they hiding some cost? Make sure you go thoroughly through the inclusions and an exclusion section of their package.
  6. Do not just see the price; also make sure you see what is included in that price. Do they provide you with destination information, climate, clothes to wear during your travel period, etc? If they do they are your right travel partner.
  7. If they provide you destination information, please go through it so that cultural immersion in a foreign country becomes easy.

During traveling

  1. Travel light: You may consult with your travel service provider. They will give you an idea. Sometimes there might be important things that you must have to carry as per the weather.
  2. Dress Comfortably: It is very necessary to dress comfortable, but please note the cultural tolerance of the country you are traveling. Some countries like Nepal do not tolerate very short dress. If you have chosen a good travel service provider, definitely they will guide you on this.
  3. Carry all the important documents: Carry your passport and some photographs, air tickets. Other travel documents that you have booked via your travel service provider, they will hand over to you upon your arrival (You may also ask for the scanned copy).
  4. Use good luggage: For example, if you are traveling Nepal, we recommend you to use a good quality luggage. If you are carrying old luggage there are chances that during luggage transfer from airlines to the baggage counter the luggage might be damaged (This is very rare but one should take precaution).
  5. Be punctual: Your travel service provider will brief your program and will advise you the time to be ready for sightseeing tours. Hence, please be punctual so that you utilize every minute in your tours for which you have made an investment.
  6. Carry medical kit/medicines that you are using: It is always good to carry a medical kit along with you. In case, you are on prescription drugs in your home country. Please make sure to bring them along. There are chances that you might not get the same drug in the foreign country. If possible, you may also note down the core ingredient of the drug, as they might be available in different brand names in different countries.
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