What’s So Trendy About Nepal, Bhutan, And Tibet Travel That Everyone Goes Crazy Over It?

Posted in : 20th Sep, 2018

From historical time to till now, there is something which remains the same and it will last the same forever. The best way to know the culture, tradition and utilize the free time is Travel around the new place. When you get a chance to visit a new place, then who will miss that chance. Nobody wants to miss the chance to visit new places and I would say it is the craziest idea ever.

When you feel bored, don’t want to do anything, then we go outside of where we are and get some fresh air and refresh yourself. Likewise, visiting beyond the country or the place where you are in today’s latest trend. No matter who we are, no matter where we are just traveling and go with the flow.

“Why stopover just one station when you can stopover three?”

Everyone’s dream is to take the world tour, but we may not have enough capital thus we have to drop the idea and visit the particular place. Wait for a second, you don’t have to take a tour all around the world or just a single place when you can visit three at a time which is on your budget too.

Today’s trendy journey which is driving everyone crazy is Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet Tour. A traveler can have lame some aspects of entire central-south Asia with the single tear. This journey is one of the leading countries in Asia for scared religiousness together with adventure tour and trekking. However, the consolidation of 3 different country tour is one most exploit and fantastic interest and heart-stopping look from 3 offbeat Himalayas counties.

Taktsang Monastery
Taktsang Monastery, One of the Best Attraction in Bhutan


Potala Palace
Potala Palace – Number One Attraction in Tibet

Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan cover the most outlying landmass of the Himalayas at the canopy of the world. The Himalayan mountain swiftness, however, sustained for some of the isolated traditions and practices. The horizontally boosting slab of mountains and a sequence of canyons come out as the jumbo staircase dominates to sky touching snow peaks.

Why are Nepal Bhutan and Tibet Travel Trendy journey??

Trekkers are attracted by some unique facts and places. Some are attracted by the colorful lifestyle and some by the peaceful environment depends on their taste. But why this tour is so much trendy? There may be something which attracts people towards it.

During this journey, one can experience the ancient palaces, Stupas, and temples of Nepal. Apart from this, can fly over the highest point of the world. Not only this, one can explore the world famous Tibetan heartland around Lhasa and the Potala Palace of the Dalai Lama. Also can enjoy the enchanting valleys of Paro, Thimpu and Wangdu/Punakha.

Why travel in Nepal:

  • Beautiful country rightfully called a paradise on earth
  • Diverse ethnicity, rich culture, and awe-inspiring natural beauty
  • The wide variety of flora and fauna
  • Geographical and bio-diversity
  • Culture, lifestyle, and pride

Why travel in Bhutan:

  • Land of the thunder dragon
  • Does not have a single traffic light
  • Sale of tobacco is banned
  • Overwhelmingly Buddhist with a large Hindu minority

Why travel to Tibet:

  • Honored as the roof of the world.
  • One of the most remarkable tourist destinations
  • Experience of visual feast and mind purification
  • Offers splendid views of the natural landscape, monasteries, historical sites, Cliffside retreats etc.
  • Breathtaking Natural Wonders
  • Strong Fragrance of Buddhism
  • Magnificent Palaces and Monasteries
  • Unbelievable Trekking Tracks
  • Featured Festivals and Activities
  • Devoted and Hospitable Tibetan

So much entertaining, breathtaking views and lots of attraction involved in this journey. When someone can get a package of happiness with alluring visuals and lifetime experience to witness the amazing nature. Then who will lose this chance? Everyone will grab it and gift themselves or their beloved one without a second thought.

Planning and grabbing the opportunity is not enough for it. Best time plays the vital role in it. Best season with a complete package of happiness will be a boon for any traveler. So choose the best season for your journey. And keep that in mind, you are traveling to

Which season may be perfect for this journey?

Since Nepal and Bhutan, both are countries with the mainly sub-sweltering weather, have four-season climate system. Generally, the overwhelming time to tour Tibet is in the summer, when the climate is balmy, in spite of least moisture as it is the “monsoon” season. Nevertheless, it is also the monsoon season in Nepal and Bhutan, and the rainfall is much heavier and more periodic than in Tibet.

While Nepal and Bhutan both have somewhat mellow winters, which make it a good time to tour. But winter in Tibet is much freezing and does not make for maximum tour occurrences, which leave behind Autumn and spring. In September, October, and November Bhutan are at its restless, and tour date requires to be taken as early as possible. But it does go along with the shoulder season of Tibet, and the lazy trekking season in Nepal, which make a good choice for a triple tour.

Spring is another alternative perfect time of year to couple a tour to all three places, as Bhutan has a good climate and Tibet is just opening the tourist season. But neither are especially busy. May to June is the zenith interval of time in Nepal for trekking and climbing and observes the thousands of crowd hiking over Everest and Annapurna. Still, if a long tour is not on your list, early spring can be the perfect season of all for this tri-region journey.

What type of visa and permit you may require for this trip

Nepal extends easy visa facilities for the tourists. You may fill the online Nepal visa form, fill in all the details and submit it. A small receipt will appear after you submit the form, print it and carry with you. Please fill the form 5 days prior to your Nepal travel date. In case, of Bhutan, you will have to confirm and send your scanned copy of the password to the travel agent. They will apply for Bhutan permit. Tibet is one of the toughest places to get a visa, you will have to send the scanned copy of your password at least 45 days prior to Tibet travel date. The travel agent will apply for Tibet permit. After you are in Kathmandu, you will have to fill up the Tibet Visa form. For a visa to be ready, it takes 3 full working days. You may ask your travel agent to provide some of the sightseeing tours in Kathmandu on those days.

Otherwise, you have to visit the respective country’s embassy and get the required visa and permit. Further, it is must to book the Bhutan tour from the travel agent. Using a travel agent for Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet will be much more convenient for you.

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