Things to Know Before Travelling to Bhutan


Bhutan is one of the hard destinations to visit due to the Bhutanese government regulations. Visitors who wish to visit Bhutan cannot purchase components of the services such as accommodation only or tours only. Visitors must buy all-inclusive tour package tour. Visa will be required for all the travelers except for Indian and Bangladeshi nationals and the visa should be processed in advance. We require the following passport details along with the scanned copy of your passport a month prior to your travel date (the validity of the passport must not be less than 6 months from their travel date to Bhutan).

  • Full name as exactly in the passport (including the middle name)
  • Sex
  • Passport no
  • Nationality
  • Birth Place
  • Passport issued date
  • Passport expiry date
  • Date of birth
  • Place of issue of passport
  • Occupation

This visa price will be included in your tour package. We will apply for your visa from here and get the visa approval letter. This approval letter will be submitted to you so that you can check- in Paro flight. However the visa will be stamped in the passport upon your arrival in Paro airport (3 photographs required).


Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing.

From May to Sep : cotton clothes are sufficient, plus a woolen sweater or light jacket.

From November to the end of April : you will need very warm clothes including long underwear or woolen tights to wear under trousers, and down jacket or coat. During visit to the monasteries, Dzongs and other religious institution, you should not wear shorts, hats and should be properly dressed.


The photographic opportunities on all trips are immense. If you wish to record the local people, their houses and shops etc. You can always ask by gesture, if it’s ok to take pictures. Also while visiting Dzongs, monasteries, and religious institutions; please follow your guide’s instruction carefully. Photography inside the Dzongs and monuments are not allowed. Although films and batteries are available locally, it is best to bring it yourself.

Customs & Regulations

The Bhutanese authorities strictly prohibit the export of any religious Antiquity or antiques of any type. All personal electronics, Cameras, Video Cameras, Computers and personal electronic equipment may be brought into the country but they must be listed on the custom form provided on arrival at Paro airport and will be checked on departure. Two liters of alcohol and reasonable quantity of cigarettes may be brought into the country without duty.

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