The Art of Travel

Posted in : 8th Jul, 2018

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo

I love to travel, and that I never stopped following this dream. I even have noted thousands of destinations, crossed seven seas, and enjoyed boundless experiences. Several of them pleased me, most of them I learned, and in most of them, I met wonderful folks. I saw exceptional places and felt indefinable sensations then I screamed, I cried and laughed, for that. Sometimes I had to adjust myself and take a look at. I was wrong, of course, too over and over. Knowing the world has never been a particular science.

Trekking in Nepal, the art of travel

Traveling around the world take me to a beautiful place, Nepal. I just heard about the natural beauty of Nepal from lots of my friend so I want to visit this place. And here I came. At first, I was so bored because of traffic, lots of people and pollution. Later on, when I started my journey I really liked the place. Since I was new in this place so I contacted a travel agency (Travelsmith Nepal). For a few days, I traveled alone around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur around the main city and I was overwhelmed by their culture. I really love the food, dress, and culture. It was a complete package which I call the art of travel or the gift of travel.

Nepal tour package
Pokhara, Nepal Tour package

After that, as I mentioned above I consulted with the travel agency, it took me to other places like Pokhara, Chitwan, and Bandipur. Those places oh my god so beautiful, beautiful lakes, stunning mountains, charming hills, and many more. Which make my trip a little bit longer than I planned. I never thought a small country can have so many places to travel. I have to admit this visiting Nepal will provide you with a complete picture, the art of travel.

Travel around Bhutan and Tibet, the art of travel

My journey didn’t end here. After my journey to Nepal, I traveled to Bhutan and Tibet with a travel agency of Nepal, Travelsmith Nepal. First of all, I went to Tibet and visited some famous places in that place. According to my research, there were some famous places in Tibet and I request my guide to take me there. Tibet was so colorful and one thing I knew from that visit was travel anywhere at the festival time. But I missed that but no worry I got the better place to visit. I visited many monasteries in Tibet which are famous around the world. Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and Tashi Lumpo monastery are the monasteries I visited in Tibet.

Nepal tibet tour package
Potala Palace, Nepal Tibet tour package

After visiting monasteries I went to some markets to know the lifestyle of the people. The bazaar was too much crowdy and noisy. Beyond the crowd and noise, I got to observe the place and lifestyle of the people. How they live, what type of food they usually have and many more. So I went to the most famous markets Xigatse Bazaar and Barkhor Market.

After a few days of the tour around Tibet, my next destination was Bhutan. Since I had a few days remaining so I planned to make this tour short and sweet. So I went to Paro and Thimpu only. I was too much tired from the travel so the first day of Bhutan I relaxed at the hotel. Next day I went to visit some places around Paro and Thimpu. Few days travel to Bhutan entertain me with their culture. I went to some famous monasteries too and most of all I visited markets and observed the lifestyle of the people. At this time my journey ends.

Nepal Bhutan Tour Package
Dichu-La Pass, Nepal Bhutan Tour Package

Confuse to select place?

Where can we go this year 2018? selecting a destination has never been simple. There are numerous corners, and so stunning in this world, that it’s not always pleasant and victorious to decide on.

For this reason, Travelsmith Nepal, the travel agency with over 5 years of expertise, have determined to assist their friends and clients by proposing an inventory of 10 destinations for this 2018. they have nominated them when an entire internal assessment among the cluster of professionals that compose his team.

They have chosen them thinking of the new trends that are opening up during this first quarter of the 21st century and in its attractions as a destination. Considering its uniqueness and selection. within the novelty and in its new value. Also, within the quality of the experiences that they proposed.

Places where you can travel in this year

Tashi Lumpo monastery and Xigatse Bazaar
Potala Palace
Jokhang Temple
Barkhor Market
Drepung Monastery
Sera Monastery
Paro and Thimpu

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