Styles Of Traveling Nepal

Posted in : 22nd Jan, 2019

With different options available when it comes to traveling Nepal from group tours, private tours, and independent tours. One may not be aware which travel style will be exactly suitable to them unless one goes for a trial and error or carefully study regarding different travel styles.

Different Travel Styles:

Once having chosen a Nepal tour package that suits the requirement, now the second phase will be to decide the style of traveling Nepal. Will it be traveling in a group or on a private basis or individually (on own)

Group travel:

Group travel is for the travelers tight on budget or for those traveling alone so that the prices will be cheaper than private travel.

Tour operators capitalize on economies of scale. Larger the group lesser the amount an individual has to pay for traveling Nepal.

Traveling Nepal
Group Travel Style

However, if a traveler decides to participate in a group tour he/she should frame to be an open-minded person. As in group travel, one will come along with travelers from different parts of the world. Hence, one’s personality plays a vital role in group travel.

Furthermore, in a group tour, other group members will largely affect your experience and activity. Moreover, in a group tour of any size, there will be bound to be time wasted waiting for other participants of the tour which may be slightly awkward. Further, this may lead to personality clash during Nepal travel.

Hence one will have to undergo these questions if the traveler opt for group tours.

1. What is my personality?

Am I outgoing? Do I enjoy meeting new people? Or am I introvert and would prefer exploring on my own?

2. What is my budget?

Do I need to stretch a dollar or am I able to travel without worrying about the travel expenses?

These self-realization questions should be carefully thought.

In case, one likes to stay away from the crowd, group travel will not be suitable for them. Consequently, this will ruin your experience in the dream destination and budget.

Private Travel:

Private Nepal travel; a private jet, a limousine for an airport pickup from the ramp.

Not exactly like above, this will be a highly luxurious travel style; however, private Nepal travels are traveling on a private basis. In private tours, traveler and their family, friends, or colleagues traveling along are provided with exclusive services.

Traveling Nepal on Private Basis
Nepal Traveling on Private Basis

On private travel, the travel operator will brief the travelers regarding their program and suggest the timings of the tours. However, these will not be the fixed timings. Rather, in private tours, travelers decide the timings and correspond to the tour operator.

On contrary, to the group travel, private tours are greatly flexible.

However, this flexibility has a price. As compared to group travels, private tours are always expensive. The reason being, the tour is private and customized as per the requirement of the travelers. Not, the whole tour is modified; however, some sightseeing tour can be modified on the spot which is not same in-group travels.

Moreover, in a private Nepal tour, travelers decide how much time they wish to spend in a particular place or sight. For example, while driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara which is (205 km/6-hour drive) with a private chauffeur. If a traveler sees a beautiful place, he/she can stop at the spot and take pictures of a beautiful hill, rivers and spectacular waterfalls en route.

Furthermore, on a private tour, the travel will have a private guide. A private guide, then again, empowers the explorer to collaborate with genuine local residents. Total cultural immersion, by gathering and bits of knowledge, and instruct each other about their culture and religion.

Individual Travel:

Thanks to online travel agents large numbers of travelers prefer an individual Nepal travels. Nowadays, it is a walk in a park to browse online and book the rooms at the hotels. Moreover, there are online travel agents also sell sightseeing tours (However, please note these sightseeing tours will be in a group).

solo traveling Nepal
Independent Style of Traveling

Moreover, individual travels are good for those who are keen to manage Nepal travels by themselves. These include managing logistics, accommodation, guide service, sightseeing tours by themselves. Further, individual Nepal travel is cheaper in comparison to a group and private style.

Definitely, the traveler will put the effort into doing all the work, from researching, choosing hotels, sightseeing tours to name a few. However, it will allow travelers with much flexibility in changing the schedule and other facets of Nepal travel. Moreover, it gives traveler freedom for own decision on how to spend much of the time during Nepal travel.

However, be warned it is not recommended doing individual travel while trekking to remote parts of Nepal. It is always a good decision to hire an experienced guide while traveling to these remote areas of Nepal.

Furthermore, the individual tour may be hectic for some travelers, especially for the Gold collar, Red Collar, and even Blue collar workers. They spend much time in their daily work and planning Nepal travel is not a cup of tea for them. Rather, they will spend a budget and book group tours or private tours.

Hence, to summarize there are pros and cons of all styles of traveling. The travelers should know about which traveling style will suit their personality and budget.

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