Slow Travel is a Luxury

Posted in : 28th Nov, 2017

It has not been long since the development of technology, has changed the course of travel.  Travel today is a luxury compared to that half decades ago. Not long, it used to take days to get from one destination to another. Now travelers can travel anywhere in a short time. The time for traveling has reduced and has been supplemented by the experience travelers get from the destination they are traveling to. The travel has become a luxury already; the slow travel has now become a luxurious experience to the travelers. The concept of slow travel is to slowly explore particular destination, immerse into an interesting cultural, natural charm of the destination, and get to know the local people.

Traveling to many destinations, staying in a five-star hotels, seeing few monuments, clicking some photographs and flying back home, just to tick it off the list is not a luxury anymore. Traveling to a destination, taking time immersing in their culture, getting to appreciate the differences, knowing local people, tasting the local food, and even living like a local is tremendously different and this will make your travel a luxurious experience.

Vacations are too short and people wish to get a glimpse of everything within this short period of time. Time has become the functionality of life, we are not all wanderers, we have to carefully plan our time for our commitments and in our buffer time we venture to new destinations to relieve our stress at least for a short period of time. This short period of time will take you to the different dimension, you will explore the new horizon and get to know a different place in your world.

A perfect holiday is that when it is planned at least 5-6 month prior to commencing it. We have to make sure we stay at least 2 days in a particular city of the destination so that we will have enough time to explore the attractions and also get to know the local people who might have a different perception of life. It is just a 12-24 hrs travel and now you are in a different place where people look different, talk different, behave different and live their life differently, we should not miss this.

We were never so busy as we are now. So embrace the time you have and make your vacation luxury by taking out time and exploring the places. This may will be your first and the last visit to this particular destination.

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