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Posted in : 21st Oct, 2018

Have you tried the mysterious Tibet Travel? Locked away beside the Himalayas, has exercised a distinctive hold on the imagination of the west. For travelers and traders, it was a forbidden land of riches. 

Tibet travel
Potala Palace, Lhasa

When the door to Tibet was finally open in the mid-1980, Tibet was in ruins. The Chinese liberated the Tibetans of their independence between 1950 and 1970. They drove away their spiritual leader and some of the Tibet’s finest into exile. They destroyed most of the Tibetan cultural and historical heritage.

Now Tibet Travel has become one of the mysteries for the westerners. Tibet is now one of the popular Himalayan destinations for travelers. A walk around Lhasa’s (Tibet capital) lively Barkhor pilgrimage circuit if proof enough that the vain effort of Chinese communist to create a Brave New World have stumbled on the remarkable and inspiring faith of Tibetan people.

Tibet visa
Barkhor Market, Lhasa

For tourists, indeed Tibet Travel is one of the most remarkable travel destinations in Asia. Offering fabulous monastery sights, stunning views of the world highest mountains, and one of the most hospitable people you will meet. Further, for anyone who does Tibet travel with his or her eyes open, the visit will be memorable, fascinating, and even life-changing, but also sometimes sobering and at times even saddening. As it has not been long since Tibet has recently opened for, travelers and the Tibetans are not equipped with all the travel skills. Hence, we recommend you to choose a local travel agent in Nepal to arrange your Tibet tour.

Tibet travel from Nepal
Drepung Monastery, Lhasa

Highlights of Tibet will be of a spiritual nature and adventure -magnificent monasteries, remote retreats, and pilgrim path; similarly, for others, it will be the inspiring and raw altitude valleys, pristine lakes and mountains of this unique plateau. 

Tibet is slightly harder places to visit. Further, the most difficult thing is getting Tibet visa. Hence, most of the travelers come to Nepal and start their Tibet trip from Nepal. Compared to other places in the world, it is easier to get a permit and visa from Nepal.

Nepal Tibet tour
Pelkhor Monastery, Tibet

Best Time for Tibet Tour:

Spring, early summer, and late autumn are the best time to visit Tibet. Furthermore, doors reopen to tourism in early April (closed to visitors in March for Tibetan New Year). Hence, the ideal time to travel is during spring (from April to August) & autumn (September, October, and November).

Cost and Money:-

Tibet is a premium destination. Hence, the price is a bit higher. Furthermore, the Kathmandu/Lhasa/Kathmandu is humongous. The package price for Tibet depends upon a) Number of days one wishes to tour Tibet b) Accommodation category c) Private tour is slightly expensive than a group tour,  but, we recommend you go for a private trip. Moreover, the airfare is the main costly component in this tour. We will provide you with the value price for your trip.

Things to Carry:-

1. A good pair of sunglasses, high-factor sunscreen lotion, and lip balm, to block the strong high altitude ultraviolet rays 

2. Warm clothing- in summer months a good sweater or fleece will be good. A waterproof jacket will be useful if you are planning to visit the eastern side of Tibet

We recommend you to visit Tibet once in your lifetime. This will be a magical mystery tour and an experience of a lifetime.

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