Pashupatinath temple

Pashupatinath is one of the sacred Shiva temples on the Indian sub-continent. It draws devotees from all over India, including many colorful Sadhus (wandering Holy men). It is the largest temple complex in Nepal. Visiting Pashupatinath begins and ends a traditional pilgrimage circuit. Lord Pashupatinath’s supreme holiness stems from hollowed linga enshrined in the main temple and its location on the bank of sacred Bagmati River. Bagmati sanctity makes Pashupatinath Nepal’s most sacred cremation site. After the bodies are burnt the ashes are thrown into the river, where they are carried down to meet Ganges.

On the festival of Maha Shivaratri during Feb/Mar lord Shiva’s marriage with goddess Parvati is celebrated with a great fair at the temple. Indian pilgrims come to this place from all around the world to celebrate this festival. As in most Hindu temples in Nepal, the admission inside the temple premises is strictly for Hindus only. For non-Hindus there is more to be seen by heading to the river bank, where you can look down into the temple from terrace hill in an opposite side. Watch the cremation going along the sacred Bagmati river.

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