Nepal Travel Secret

Posted in : 14th Dec, 2017

We have compiled some travel secrets which guide books may have missed. These are the travel secret if you are planning to visit Nepal for your upcoming holidays/vacation.

  1. Plan your trips 2-3 month prior to your travel dates (This will give you time to customize your tour in coalition with your tour operator/travel agent).
  2. Make sure to have all the travel documents. For this you might create a folder in your tablet/mobile/laptops. It is always better to do paperless travel and save the remaining trees.
  3. If you have booked through the travel agents, the good travel agents will advise you about the weather at the time of your visit, clothes to bring during your travel period and will even suggest you a package according to seasonality (there are some places which you should try to avoid during rainy season, some places during winter season etc.). If the travel agents do not provide you with this information then please request them to provide the same.
  4. If you are booking from OTA (Online Travel Agents) make sure there is no miscommunication, go through the inclusions, and the exclusions of the package you are purchasing. For example, if you are booking rooms through make sure what is included in the room price. Is breakfast included in the room price you just paid or is it not included in the price that you have paid and is extra?
  5. Please download visa application form from We recommend you to fill this form before you start your trip to Nepal to save some time in Kathmandu airport.
  6. If you are visiting Nepal for trekking, you will need to carry sleeping bags, walking sticks etc.; some of these can be hired in Kathmandu, but it is always better if you bring your personal items.
  7. Please refer Here you will find FAQ’s on trekking and even tours.
  8. Binoculars are essential tools for all travelers (However, do not choose the Binocular pair that is heavy. Carry lighter ones). For nature enthusiasts you will get an opportunity to glimpse closest view of Himalayan range, for wildlife enthusiast, this will be the best tool for spotting animals.
  9. Travel locally, during sightseeing tours try to locate a fruit stand and “Buy your own fruits”. Trust us, this will provide you a local exposure and you will love it. Further fruits are good for your health. If you see vegetable vendors ask the price of the vegetables that you get in your country. You will learn a lot from these activities. When you travel “Travel as a local”
  10. Try to avoid plastic bags as much as possible, plastics take centuries to degrade and is a source of pollution. We request travelers to travel responsibly.

Please refer to

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