Nepal Travel Guide

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This Nepal travel guide will give you a brief introduction to one of the beautiful country in the world. It also includes the famous attractions inside the country.

A land of ancient history, sacred and colorful cultures, diversity, people, and superb scenery describes Nepal. It lies between the fertile plains of India and desert-like plateau of Tibet.

Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a small landlocked country with a diversity of natural and cultural wealth you will find in few places on earth.

The land rises abruptly from the sweltering Terai plains in the south at 60 meters above sea level to the freezing heights of the Himalayan in the north well above 8000 meters culminating in the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 meters within a distance of a mere 200 km.

Nepal Travel Guide
Nepal In The World Map

Furthermore, the country with the great and beautiful Himalayan range which stretches from east to west has mystified the entire world for centuries with its unique landscape, fascinating beauty and gateways to endless adventure. This varied landscape offers a fascinating array of cultural experience, sightseeing, and adventure opportunities.


The economic development of Nepal has been complicated due to the constant change in political scenarios. However, agriculture remains predominant economic activity contributing to 40% of GDP. Remittance has also significantly contributed to Nepal economy 29.1 % (As per Wikipedia).


Tourism in Nepal is also one of the major facets of economic activity. Moreover, for many people, the only accessible source of income is tourism trade, either as a startup of hotels and motels, B and B’s, travel agencies, or as employed as hotel staffs.

Furthermore, tourism in Nepal has helped in employing undereducated people. They employ them as Sherpa guides who are born and bought up on the mountain regions and porters.

Moreover,  these guides and porters have noted received the minimum education. Thanks to the tourism in Nepal they can make their two ends meet.

Popular Attractions  In Nepal – Nepal Travel Guide

There are seven world heritage sites in Kathmandu among ten in Nepal to explore. Explore a beautiful natural paradise city of Pokhara for a relaxing Nepal holiday.

Moreover, breathtaking viewpoints such as Nagarkot, Daman, Chandragiri hills, and Sarangkot will take the travelers breath away. Further, in the southern region of Nepal, there are well-preserved wildlife sanctuaries. Here travelers can spend a few days indulging in various wildlife activities.

Moreover, travelers can conclude their tour with adventurous activities such as Everest Experience flight or a day white water rafting in the Himalayan Rivers.


Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal Travel Guide
Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu
Luxury Nepal tour package
Traditional Nepalese Style Window

Kathmandu Valley – Nepal Travel Guide

Kathmandu Valley used to be 3 different kingdoms in the history. After the unification of Nepal, it is now three sister cities – Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. Here are preserved medieval architectures, statues, and preserved man-made treasures.

Kathmandu has been drawing in travelers since the 1960s. For some, individual’s arrival in Kathmandu and venturing out of the aircraft is a tactile over-burden, the sounds, the smell and so forth;

Attractions Inside Kathmandu Valley

A most acclaimed fascination in Kathmandu Valley is Kathmandu Durbar Square stuffed with holy temples and ancient statues inside the Durbar Squares inside Kathmandu Valley dating back to the third or fourth century.

Nepal Travel Guide, Patan Durbar Squre
Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Valley
Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Palace of 55 Windows, Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Nepal Travel guide, Pashupatinath temple
Holy Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

Further, with the superb mixture of the man-made structures and natural beauty, the valley is often called “A living Cultural Museum” also “An Open Air Museum”.

Moreover, the old town focused around the old Royal Palace or Durbar Square is the first must-see; be sure to also visit the outlying holy sites of Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath.

The Climate

The Kathmandu valley is 1,300 meters above the sea level which makes a close flawless atmosphere; hotter days, cool mornings and nights, bountiful rainstorms. Further, the valley appreciates five distinct seasons:

Spring season: March-April

Summer season: May-June

Stormy season: July-September

Harvest time: October-November

Winter: December-February

2. Pokhara Valley – Nepal Travel Guide

Only 200 km west of Kathmandu, where tropical flower blossoms on the shores of a quiet lake and Himalayan pinnacles fill the horizon.

In only a couple of decades, Pokhara Valley has gone from confined Shangri-La to popular tourist destinations after Kathmandu. In any case, its dazzling common excellence remains to a great extent pristine.

The tourist area of Lakeside extended along the southeast shore of the valleys is the significant vacation spot. Lakeside has its very own appeal particularly at night when the shops are lit up like Christmas trees.


Nepal tour packages
Lakeside, Pokhara Valley
Pokhara Valley, Nepal travel guide
Pokhara Valley, Nepal

Trekkers know Pokhara as the beginning stage for classic Annapurna treks. For the nontrekkers, the valley offers mountain views and a look at rustic Nepali life going a long ways past those of the Kathmandu valley. For everybody, Pokhara is an absolutely loosening up place.

The 124 – square – km valley is speckled with about six lakes. The biggest, three km long Phewa Lake, is the significant vacation destination for some and for some individuals the main fascination. The valley is cut by the Seti River, some portion of the Gandaki stream framework that depletes the focal Hills and meets in the Terai.

The waterway shows up and vanishes all through its course, in a few spots cutting drastically profound and limited gullies.

Popular Tourist Attractions Inside Pokhara Valley – Nepal Travel Guide

1. Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake): This Lake is a focal point of tourist attractions inside Pokhara Valley. From Lakeside, the dense Rani Ban, or Queens Forest, gives the still water a deep emerald hue.

A traveler can hire a boat. Getting out on the lake is the best way to appreciate it.

Other tourist attractions include Davi’s fall is a great cascade lying about 2km south-west of the middle of the highway to Tansen. Pokhara’s conventional old bazaar is beautiful and is ethnically different.

A short climb to the viewpoint is for the individuals who can’t settle on long, difficult ones.

World Peace Stupa

World Peace Stupa arranged on the highest point of a slope on the southern shore of Phewa Lake is another popular tourist attraction inside Pokhara Valley. It has four pictures of Buddha looking in four ways. The pagoda is an amazing sight and its peak area directions incredible view. It is an extraordinary vantage point which offers fabulous perspectives of the Annapurna.

Mahendra Cave

One of the popular attractions is Mahendra Cave.  Also known as ” House of Bats”, it is an expansive limestone give in is another popular attraction inside the Pokhara Valley.

Barahi Temple

Barahi Temple, amidst Phewa Lake, is devoted to the Goddess Ajima – the terrific mother. She is frequently adorned with the forfeit of creatures.

3. Chitwan National Park – Nepal Travel Guide

Chitwan National Park stands today as an effective declaration of nature protection in South Asia.

Further, the recreation center has increased a lot more extensive acknowledgment on the planet when UNESCO incorporated this territory on the rundown of World Heritage Site in 1984.

Nepal travel guide, Chitwan National park
Elephant Back Safari in Chitwan National Park

Likewise, it is home to more than 50 types of warm-blooded creatures, 55 types of creatures of land and water and reptiles and 525 types of winged animals.

Furthermore, natural life that flourishes here incorporate; the extraordinary one-horned Asian Rhinoceros, Gaur, wild Bison, Sloth Bear, four unique types of Deer, the Rhesus Monkey and the dark confronted Langur, the spotted Leopard, the fish-eating Gharial, the substance eating swamp Crocodile and the Gangetic Dolphin among numerous others. It is likewise, one of the last asylums of the Bengal tiger. The birdlife too is extremely rich and changed and enjoyment for Ornithologists.

Furthermore, Chitwan offers travelers with a variety of jungle activities such as famous elephant back safari, dugout/canoe ride, jungle walks, Cultural performance from the native Tharu tribes, visit of elephant and crocodile breeding center to name a few.

Adventure Tourism in Nepal – Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal’s prominence as a travel destination has expanded in the course of the most recent three decades.

Moreover, Nepal now prides itself on offering the best of adventure services to the travelers.

While trekking, mountaineering, and amusement watching have for quite some time been mainstream. A whole scope of different adventurous activities such as boating, mountain biking,  paragliding, ultra-light flight, zip line, mountain flight, bungee jumping,  swing, canyoning and so on have been introduced for adventure enthusiasts.

Trekking in Nepal – Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is trekkers’ heaven. The main most ideal approach to encounter Nepal’s phenomenal blend of regular magnificence and culture is through trekking.

Furthermore, the tremendous complexities in elevations and atmospheres found here help a similarly breathtaking blend of ways of life, vegetation types, culture, and people. Anyone with a soul of experience and mental readiness can take up trekking program.

Langtang trekking in Nepal
Trekking in The Himalayan Region of Nepal

Further, Trekking in Nepal neither requires any extensive preparation or any past experience. Moreover, it is the ideal method to get away from the hurrying around of regular day to day existence and to unwind and appreciate the nature. You go from one town to other on the settled trail, through rhododendron timberland, water-fall, hot spring and old style wooden lodges.

In long trek, at some point, you need to cross high passes to go on the other side of the mountain and navigate in the snow. For the most part, you stroll here and there the slope with your rucksack, water jug, coat, and camera.

Further, accompanied by friendly individuals with bright faces and warm welcome under the blue sky and shining snow Himalayan range. Our trek-control guarantees your security and comfort and oversees the coordination.

To summarize, this Nepal travel guide provides insights on Nepal, different attractions inside the country. You may contact the local travel agent and customize your upcoming Nepal tour as per your requirement and budget.

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