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Posted in : 29th Jan, 2019

No doubt, Nepal Tibet Bhutan travel is one of the extraordinary journeys.

These Himalayan countries have captivated the imagination of the westerners for centuries.

Travelers have embraced Nepal as one of the best places for Himalayan trekking. Likewise, Bhutan as a treasure for magic and mysteries and Tibet as an unforeseen land hidden amid the Himalayas, and deeply rooted with ancient Tibetan Buddhism.

Furthermore, the civilization of these countries started at the same time after the creation of the Great Himalayan range. Hence, these trio country tour is worth a visit in a lifetime.

To tour full greatness of heavenly Himalayas and particularly the Buddhist culture, no preferable visit would you be able to discover over covering the Himalayan kingdoms in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

The epic voyage takes you to encounter intense Buddhist journey, sparkling turquoise high lakes and stunning vista of Mt. Everest in Tibet.

Mount Everest, Nepal Tibet Bhutan travel
Mount Everest

Nepal is a focal point for this tour. This tour is rather easy starting from Nepal than anywhere in the world. From here there is direct flight connection to Bhutan and Tibet. Consequently, this destination makes the best starting point for this epic journey.

Venture into the most intriguing destinations in the world

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Travel stretches the travelers to the final Shangri-La on the planet.

Nepal | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Travel

Nepal, Nepal Bhutan Tibet travel
Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

This visit begins from this Himalayan country. This little area on the planet outline pressed with assorted scenes, culture, and individuals who call it home.
Moreover, for many travelers, primarily, the Himalayas must be the lure for visiting. However, they return back remembering the hospitality of beautiful Nepalese beautiful. Moreover, this country is one of the hospitable countries in the world for travelers.

Bhutan | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Travel

Further, the next stretch of this tour is “The Thunder Dragon Kingdom” of Bhutan.

Taktsang Monastery, Nepal Tibet Bhutan travel
Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

This last Himalayan kingdom is one of the expensive travel destinations in the world. Magic and mysteries shroud this extraordinary Himalayan Kingdom. Furthermore, here the traditional Buddhism culture carefully embraces the global developments.

The western region of Bhutan is the most visited destination because of its modern infrastructures and beautiful Dzongs and monasteries. Likewise, Thimphu is the nerve center of Bhutan. Visit various tourist attractions in the capital of Thimphu, enjoy the fresh air during your ride to Punakha, and visit the largest Punakha Dzong and the famous Taktsang Monastery “Tiger’s Nest”.

Tibet | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Travel

Tibet “The Roof of the World” is the final stretch of this enchanting journey. This country still mystifies the traveler’s imagination. Different travelers will get a different experience in Tibet. A desert like topography with beautiful monasteries, monks chanting everywhere while rotating their prayer wheel provides a cultural experience. For most of the travelers its rugged terrain, high altitude trekking, high valleys, and lakes providing an adventurous experience.

Potala Palace, Nepal Tibet Bhutan travel
Potala Palace, Tibet

Tibet tour indeed is once in a lifetime experience. Pass through sparkling turquoise lakes, across huge plains scattered with yaks and nomad’s tents as far as the eye can see and over high passes draped with colorful prayer flags.

Indeed, the tour is expensive as it includes two of the most expensive travel destination in the world; however, each penny spent on this epic journey is worth it.

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