Luxury Nepal Trip, A Romantic Getaway

Posted in : 17th Feb, 2019

Hey, have you considered a romantic getaway to Nepal?

Let us face it; our day to day lives can be so overwhelming that will dull our mental and physical creativity. The best solution for this may be to break free and removing ourselves from it. Furthermore, let us add some spice into our lives with a romancing gate away to Nepal. Moreover, this time let us choose a romantic getaway during the luxury Nepal trip.

Romantic Luxury Nepal Trip
Romantic Luxury Nepal Trip

During luxury Nepal tours, leave behind the intolerable stuck life behind and escape to one of the naturally gifted countries in the world. Further, with your loved ones let the romance echo the mighty mountains and spread through the serene landscape here. Further, being encompassed by inspiring individuals, who are specialists in making you feel comfortable, will abandon you with an unadulterated and satisfying inclination that may very well sparkle up your energy once again.

Likewise, the following tranquil and serene locations are flawless and likewise, quiet with a dash of an adventuress and a trace of exuberance sufficiently only to stir every one of your emotions and make you feel free like a bird and outbox your forgotten emotions.

1. Nagarkot Hill Town | Luxury Nepal Trip

This town certainly is one of the romantic getaways during luxury Nepal tours. You will find a description of this place everywhere, however, to get the vibe of this place you have to visit this place. Furthermore, one visit is not enough. Nagarkot is a truly romantic destination that will possess you into being despairingly romantic.

Nagarkot, Luxury Nepal trips

Stunning mountains in the backdrop, romantic tunes in the restaurant, and fresh air all add to the romance. Besides, the early mornings get most romantic when the first ray of the sun kiss the mountain peak. Indeed, even the mountains top timid from this kiss and sparkle red. This mystical minute will influence you to understand your slants, pour it to your love and there is no one to judge them.

2. Pokhara Valley | Luxury Nepal Trip

This is one of the best destinations in the world. Furthermore, we can elaborate on it as one of the best romantic destinations in Nepal. This is truly a fascinating valley due to its pristine lake, close-up view of the mountain, and plenty of romantic sightseeing spots. This is a valley which you must explore with your love.

Luxury Nepal trip
Pokhara Valley

Likewise, there is a romantic spot Davi’s fall. The story dates to 31 July 1961 a Swiss couple Davi went swimming but the woman drowned in a pit because of the overflow. Her body was recovered 3 days later in a river with great effort. Her father wished to name it “Davi’s falls” after her.

Furthermore, romantic excursions, hikes, and boat ride in Phewa Lake with a reflection of Mount Fishtail make a moment to remember.

3. Poon Hill | Luxury Nepal Trip

On the off chance that you both are looking for some adventure experience, trek to the world’s best and romantic Annapurna trail. Trek through lovely thick backwoods with rhododendron sprouting and excellent pinnacles of Annapurna in the scenery until you touch base to Poon Hill. There is no preventing this is one from securing the best view focuses on Nepal. Moreover, with your accomplice this spot makes the best view focuses on the planet.

Nepal Luxury trip, Poon Hill
Mountain View From Poon Hill

Moreover, this spot has the absolute best mountain sees in Nepal. Your romance at an elevation of (3210 meters) above sea level, it sounds intriguing. If you don’t mind note this spot is cold so be set up with your comfortable dress on the off chance that you wish to wander this spot. Nonetheless, with your partner arms folded around you, there is no gush of chilliness.

4. Bandipur Hill Top Village | Luxury Nepal Tours

This beautiful and romantic hilltop village sits in a dramatic ridge with excellent landscape views and mountain views. No cars, no noise, and no pollution. Step back to the medieval ambiance of Bandipur

Further, the best romantic thing to do here is walking together through narrow stone-paved streets passing between multi-storeyed shops and houses. The other best thing is to see the romantic sunrise and sunset views over the board sweep of Himalaya from Dhaulagiri to Langtang. Adventure couples can make a hike for an impressive view of the mountains.

There is a short, steep 20 minutes’ walk up to Thani Mai Temple perched at top of Gurungche Hill.

Likewise, sunrise and sunset views from here are simply awesome.

Bandipur, Nepal Luxury Trip
Street Of Bandipur
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