Kirtipur, Popular Tourist Attractions in Nepal “Beginning Of Modern Era In Kathmandu Valley”

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Kirtipur town is one of a popular tourist attractions in Nepal.

Spread along the long ridge in the south-west Valley, this old Newar town of Kirtipur is a natural fortress, founded around the twelfth century.

The Story of the Unification

When Prithvi Narayan Shah became the King on 1799 he started unification of Nepal from 1800. Prithvi Narayan Shah wanted at first to attack over Nuwakot because Nuwakot durbar was at the highest ridge, so no one could attack easily. So he attacked over Nuwakot. After the Nuwakot was invaded, furthermore, Prithvi Narayan Shah and his troops targeted the town for conquest in the early eighteenth century. Kirtipur was attacked three times finally succeeding in 1766. In, revenge for the death of his brother killed in an early siege, the Conqueror, further, ordered the noses cut off every Kirtipur male over 12 years, exempting only the players of wind instruments.

tourist attractions in Nepal
Statue of Late Prithvi Narayan Shah

According to historical chronicles, 865 peoples were mutilated, and their detached nose weighed 80 pounds. Moreover, another, account noted that the conqueror ordered the town to be named Naskatipur, “City Of Cut Noses”.

After The Episode

After the carnage, Kirtipur drifted into decline. Though this ridge top location affords protection from an earthquake, many of the buildings crumbled into the ground.

Kirtipur’s farmland houses the first university of Nepal (Tribhuvan University Campus). This university was built on the land of the farmers of Kirtipur, many of whom have since turned to day-to-day work in the city or to weaving crafts. Both handmade clothes and Tibetan-style tapestries are made in houses in Kirtipur.

Now Popular Tourist Attractions in Nepal

attractions in Nepal
The Street of Kirtipur
tourist attractions in nepal
Sunset View From Kirtipur

Kirtipur town’s proximity and an interesting chronicle of its conquest make this a popular tourist attractions in Nepal. Although, Kirtipur is not among the Kathmandu Valley’s best Newar town, however, due to the interesting sculptures and shrines makes it a popular tourist attraction in Nepal.

The Topography

The Kirtipur town is of a dumbbell-shape. The town has higher summits at the either ends marked by distinctive shrines. The western portion of the town clusters around the Stupa and is Buddhist part of the town. Consequently, the upper town near the hilltop pagoda is where Hindu community lives. In between, set in a lower Saddle is Bagh Bhairab, honored in an annual procession each August

Various Activities in Kirtipur

Hiking is the main activity of this popular tourist destination in Nepal

1. Day Hiking To Champadevi

Champadevi (about 2200 meters), located in the south- west of Kirtipur is a pure nature walk of life.

tourist attraction in Nepal
View During Champadevi Hiking

Gradually hiking upwards the ridge, higher up the hill, one will glimpse beautiful mountain peaks and further, a bird’s eye view of the Kathmandu Valley. The cool sang-froid air when you arrive at the top of Champadevi hill is one of experience. After some rest and some pictures, walk down to Kirtipur.

2. Hiking to Taudaha Lake

Kirtipur has a wonderful location situated on a hill on the southern side of Kathmandu. Start the hiking tour in this historic town township and continue the hike to Taudaha Lake through rice paddy fields, where migratory birds boo come from Siberia during their yearly migration. During the walk, attractive sights are farmhouses and animal sanctuary. This hiking tour ends here.

tourist attractions in Nepal
Hiking To Taudaha Lake

This is one of the popular hiking from Kirtipur town.

If you wish to include visit Kirtipur, popular tourist attractions in Nepal, and participates in any of the above hiking, please convey to us the same.

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