Seven Minor But Important Things To Consider Before Trekking in Nepal

Posted in : 9th Oct, 2018

Important Things To Consider Before Trekking in Nepal

We Provide You Important Things To Consider Before Trekking in Nepal.

Vacation, trekking in new places, memories, amusement, and the adventure are everyone’s favorite thing to do. We wait for our vacation to fulfill these things. We all love vacations and new places. Everyone desires to create some memorable and lovable moment with their beloved one and want to make every vacation so much memorable and full of happiness.

trekking in Nepal


During your vacation, everyone wishes to visit some new and exciting places with their friends and family. According to the wish and choice, you choose your place to visit and create a beautiful moment during your trip. You can choose any place according to your wish and if you choose Nepal then here are some tips for you which you have to observe during trekking in Nepal.

You have to observe many things when you travel to a new place where you have not been yet. Small things, but that will be important during your trip. That thing may be passport, tickets, money exchange or things you have to carry with you or maybe the views you must not miss. Each and everything will be important during our trip if we miss one small thing that can be so much regretful for us.

Here are some things which you must observe during Trekking in Nepal or you take Nepal tour packages for your holiday; may help you in your journey.

Passport, Visa, Trekking Permit, and money exchange

Passport and Visa are the most important thing you should observe before your Trek.  Ok, you have the valid passport and visa now you can trek in Nepal. Wait a minute! Have you exchanged your currency? If not you may have to face lots of problems in your journey. Further, you must have a Trekking permit. However, this will not be a problem the local travel agent in Nepal will prepare this for you. You just need to send them a scanned copy of your digital photograph and scanned copy of your passport. If you visit places around main cities, then you may not face lots of problems because you can find many places where currency are exchanged. But if you visit some remote places of Nepal then that may cause you a problem. So exchange your money before your trip or after landing in Nepal.

Things You Must Carry On Your Trip

After checking your passport, visa, and money, now you have to check the items you have to carry on your trip. As per the present condition of Nepal, you must carry some things which will help you in your journey in Nepal. As everyone knows about the air pollution around many cities because of the road construction, you must carry the mask with you an extra one too. The best travel agent will provide you a mask and a tissue paper in the vehicle itself.

During the tour around Kathmandu, you have to carry the mask and extra one too, water bottle, cap, guidebook, etc. No need to carry a translation book during the tour around Kathmandu. And if you visit remote place then you must be with a local guide otherwise a translation book, main thing money exchange ( may not be money exchange shop).

A Smile On Your Face!

When you start your tour keep the smile on your face. Instead of feeling irritated just smile and talk with people. Speak slowly, so that the local people will understand your language and then they will reply your question properly, otherwise it will be a bit communication problem.

If you keep a smile on your face that will be beneficial for you throughout your journey. Trekking in Nepal will take you to some hilly area and some remote area too. Where you have to talk with people about the culture of that place or ask for water during your journey. And if you ask them with the smile on your face they will happily help you. Greet at first with a smile on your face always helps you in the journey. So keep on smiling !!!

Sunrise Views

Trekking in Nepal takes you to some places where you can find some amazing places where you will be blessed with the stunning views of the sunrise. Don’t miss those places or moment during your trip. Because you may not know about the weather condition so if you get a chance to view such beautiful aspects of sunrise and sunset views don’t miss it.

Trekking in Nepal
Early Morning Sunrise View From Poonhill

Nagarkot, Sarankot, Poonhill are some of the most popular places where you can get the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views in Nepal. Start a day with the beautiful and stunning view.

Extra Batteries and Memory

When you see something amazing thing you wish to take a picture of it and at that time suddenly your mobile memory is full or battery dead; how would you feel? If you don’t want to feel like that then carry an extra battery with you and extra memory if possible; if not then don’t click unnecessary pictures. Unnecessary pictures may miss the opportunity to click the best moment.

This is only one case where you can’t click pictures, there are many other cases too. One important case is if your phone battery is dead and you are in an emergency or in danger how will you contact other? You will be in the remote area so that phone service may not be available when you need. So it is the best idea to get an extra battery with you. And if you forget then please get one when you are in the city, you may not get in villages.

Local Gourmet Food

The best thing about trekking in Nepal is local food. Local food is so much delicious and unique according to the community. Different community and place you will find the variety of food. If you are Foody then it will be a boon for you to visit Nepal.

You are of the different place and this type of food may not be available in your place so it is better to taste the food. Your mouth will be watering because of the food and just amazed with the taste of food.

Water Safety in Nepal

If you intend to stay in Nepal for a short time, you will need to pack a boiling pan and filter for the tap water. Water from the tap isn’t safe for consumption, although it‘s from your building. Keep in mind to avoid fruit which will be washed in contaminated water or drinking soft drinks with ice in them, because the ice might have been made up of water. Stick to drinking water, which may be found in only concerning each store within the country.

Visit Nepal with a smile on your face; we will be there to welcome you with happiness and good hospitality. We will make your holiday a memorable holiday where you will be enjoying with lost amazing things, adventurous trails, unique culture and many more. These are some of the important things to consider before trekking in Nepal.

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