How To Pick The Right Nepal Tour package?

Posted in : 16th Jan, 2019

It is important to pick the right Nepal tour package while planning your Nepal tour.

Moreover, Nepal tours can be a great way to experience the culture, religion, mystical sceneries of Nepal; however, picking the wrong Nepal tour package can be a disastrous experience with the destination and your expectation. Some people wish to plan their own trip and some wish their trip to be planned by local travel agents or maybe someone may be somewhere in the middle.

Here are some of the tips to choose the right Nepal tour package.

1. Duration of the Nepal tour

Nepal tour package varies in length which may be for a couple of hours to several weeks, or even longer. Further, the shorter Nepal tours such as Glimpse of Kathmandu and Colors of Kathmandu will highlight part of Kathmandu Valley, a specific activity, or one tourist attraction. Hence, it is essential to choose the right duration of Nepal tour to suit the travel requirement as well as to match with one’s vacation time.

Nepal Tour package with Janakpur
Nepal Tour Package With Janakpur

We Travelsmith Nepal Private Limited customize luxury Nepal tour that will exactly match your vacation time.

2. The speed of the tour

On contrary, to shorter tours, the longer Nepal tour package includes various destinations. Likewise, it is important to observe a number of destinations included in the Nepal tour package you are opting to choose. Some tours move faster to include a number of the destination. As a consequence, it will be a bit tiring and you will not have enough time to explore a particular destination in Nepal. Consequently, one can have a terrible experience with the tour organizer and the tour will be more hectic.

Nepal Tour Package With Jomsom
Nepal Tour Package With Jomsom

Hence, if you are for a longer vacation, spend at least 2 days in a particular destination. As a result, you will have time to explore the destination more closely, interact with local people, which is the best part of the tour and further have time to relax.

3. Transit time spent during Nepal tour package

It is obvious longer tours will include more destinations. Consequently, one will lose some of the vacation time idle sitting on a bus or a car for getting from one destination to another.

Normally, no one wishes to spend longer time in car or bus. A few hours will not be a great deal but if one will lose 7-8 hours driving, to travel from one destination to another one has to think twice. Is there a flight connection between the destinations?

Nepal tour package with Everest Base Camp
Shorten Your Nepal Package Transit Time

As Nepal roads are not if par quality, hence it will take less time to travel by plane from one destination to another rather than by car or bus. However, Nepal mountainous roads offer scenic views so one-way flight and one way drive will save vacation time.

Moreover, if one is using a local travel agent for a particular Nepal tour package, it will be helpful if one request for travel time between the destinations. It will help to customize the tour and make the transit time much shorter.

If the tour description is not clear about how long it takes from one destination to another, inquire directions on Google maps. It will give a rough idea of the time one will lose sitting in a car or a bus.

4. Level of physical activity during the tour

Trekking in Nepal is one of the famous activities included in Nepal tour package. However, trekking is not as easy as it sounds. Although, no experience is required one has to be physically fit to tackle the steep ascents and descents during trekking in Nepal.

Physical Activity Required During Nepal Tour Package
Physical Activity Required During Nepal Tour Package

Furthermore, adventure activities like mountain biking, hiking, rafting are popular in Nepal and many Nepal tour package includes these activities.

Now the question is are you physically fit for it? Hence, it is important to know the grade of the tour. Is the tour easy, moderate, strenuous, or very strenuous before choosing the Nepal tour package? Hence, one will have to choose the right tour based on the physical abilities and the type of activities one enjoys.

There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the right travel package. In summary, one will have to read the Nepal tour package itinerary very carefully. Further, if one is using a local travel agent, learn about the company, going through the Social Medias of the company. Lastly, decide what type of Nepal tour package works for you.

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