Have You Been to “The Paradise on Earth”?

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What do you think about “The Paradise on Earth“? What do you love to do when you have free time? Wanna see heaven before you die? Don’t be so confuse pack your bag, get ready to take these tour and get submerged in the beauty of nature. Travel around different places that seem like a heaven. Don’t just stay at home and wondering about these places just utilize your time.

Travel Smith Nepal offers the best tips for choosing the perfect Nepal tour packages, Nepal and Bhutan tour, and Holidays to Nepal and Tibet. Take any of these packages and make your holiday memorable. With 8 of the top ten outstanding highest summits in the world, some of the most stunning and exotic places Nepal has been a dream for every adventure seeker. The diversity in Landscape of Nepal cannot be found in any other region of the world.

Below is a breakdown of what to expect and how to find one that’s perfect for your Holiday. Firstly, there are few things to keep in mind as you begin planning your holidays with Travel Smith Nepal:

Before You Book your holiday, Check When Monsoon Season Will Be

When it comes to traveling the best time to travel depends on where you want to go and what you actually want to do! If you are planning a trekking or adventure in Himalayan then Autumn and Spring are great; the weather is surprisingly cool and pleasant whereas if you are planning a Jungle safari then late winter and spring is a better option. Then what about traveling to Nepal during Monsoon? June to Late August is when Monsoon rains hit Nepal, though there are blooming flowers and lush green valleys, during this period rains are heavier and roads might get blocked with landslides.

Luxury Nepal Tour Package
Luxury Nepal Tour Package

Plan your trip accordingly; in our previous post, we have talked about Which Trekking Destination in Nepal is Best During June, July, and August? Visit the link if you wanna travel to rain shadow sections in the Himalayas that receive lesser or no rain at all.

Consider How Much Time It Will Take To Take The Journey

Traveling time to many of the regions can be too long which often require long bus rides and flights or a combination of both. To get into the off the beaten path and explore the more remote spots then you need to have a minimum three weeks of time. While traveling to Himalayan region consider adding extra few days, cause due to weather condition often the flight get delayed or even get canceled. If you are short on time, you may consider traveling to the places that are easier to access.

Figure Out Which Holidays package Suit Your Vacation Needs

Each of the whereabouts has its own special vibe. So figure out which vicinity meets your needs. To help you choose your perfect destination here’s a brief intro to the most popular destination in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Here we are outlining some of the most popular destinations in order to help you find one or two that suit your needs.

Kathmandu – Nepal tour packages

Luxury Nepal Tour Package
Patan Durbar Square | Luxury Nepal Tour Package

Kathmandu is the bustling, slightly dusty but never boring capital. Usually, Kathmandu is the first stop to find some of the best places to visit in Nepal. Colorful Kathmandu is a must-see on any trip to Nepal. Despite the large amounts of harm from the 2015 earthquake, the capital city is a massively well-liked holidaymaker destination.

Though the town is filled with, sounds, people, and the local streets always filled with rickshaws and slow traffic; Kathmandu could be a fun place to spend a number of dizzyingly marvelous days. Not only this there are several places in Kathmandu wherever you’ll relax. Thamel, Seeing Hands Clinic and plenty of other places wherever you’ll relax as per your demand. There are numerous sights to visualize within the town some of the Highlights are listed below:

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Luxury Nepal Tour Package
Kathmandu Durbar Square | Luxury Nepal Tour Package

Kathmandu Durbar Square located at the heart of Kathmandu in Basantapur, never fails to dazzle first time visitors with its detailed wood carvings and rich history.

Swayambhunath Stupa (The Monkey Temple)

Nepal Luxury Tours
Swoyambhunath Stupa | Nepal Luxury Tours

Swayambhunath Stupa is the most ancient and mysterious of all the holy shrines in Kathmandu valley.

Nagarkot hill

Nepal tour packages
Nagarkot Hill | Nepal Tour Package

Hike, walk into the Forest, amaging mountain views and a much needed break from hustle and bustle from the valley is what makes Nagarkot a great choice.


Boudhanath Stupa
Boudhanath Stupa | Luxury Nepal Trip

Boudhanath is one of the few places in the world where Tibetan culture is vibrant, accessible, and unbound. 

Along with this, you can also take a tour around Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Patan; where you can see the number of temples which are full of culture and values.

Pokhara (piece of heaven on Earth)

Pokhara Valley | Luxury Nepal Tours

A beautiful quote by Jules Renard “On Earth, There Is No Heaven But There Are Pieces Of It”, probably the quote might have come into authors mind during the visit to a place like Pokhara. Every minute of your Pokhara journey will provide you with something you have never experienced before. Just enjoys a mild climate, clean air,  a modern yet welcoming city life, numerous caves, and lakes, and not mention, the reflection of snow-capped mountains (Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Fishtail) as the backdrop on the sheltered lake (Phewa Lake) pleasurable sights for anyone’s eyes. Don’t forget to visit below mention places while you are in Pokhara:

  • Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Rupa Lake
  • Barahi Temple
  • World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa)
  • Sarangkot (ideal spot to observe the thirst healing sunrise falling on giant Himalayan Ranges.)

Bhutan (The Last True Illusion Of Shangri-La)

Bhutan the also known as the land of Thunder Dragon, symbolizes an orthodox hence, provides a spiritual, adventurous and an eye-opening experience for all those who love to travel. There is not just one or two reason to chose Bhutan but an array of wonders you can see, explore and enjoy it to the full. Expect to be welcomed by dashing Buddhist architecture, mind-blowing Dzongs, humble people, quiet streets and mouth-watering food that will make you drool just by its smell. Make a Nepal and Bhutan tour with Travel Smith Nepal and explore how the Land of Thundering Dragon has been a mountaineer’s paradise for many years.

Taktsang Monastery

Nepal Bhutan Tour Package
Taktsang Monastery | Nepal Bhutan Tour Package

The Taktsang monastery (Tigers Nest Monastery) is perched on a rocky ledge with a sheer drop of nearly 800m from where you can have a panoramic view of the Paro valley and the river.

Explore the Dzongs and the Gumbas

Nepal Bhutan Trip
Punakha Dzong | Nepal Bhutan Trip

The Kingdom of Bhutan is known for its Dzongs Architecture (the distinctive type of Fort/Fortresses found mainly in Bhutan) and Monasteries (Gumbas). Visit the various monasteries like Trongsa Monastery, Taktsang Monastery,  Palphug Monastery, Punakha Dzong and so on.


Nepal Bhutan tours
Thimphu | Nepal Bhutan tours

Another major attraction of Bhutan is Thimpu Valley.  National Memorial Chorten, Tashichho Dzong, and Motithang Takin Preserve are the top attractions of Thimphu for visitors.

Tibet (mysterious and strange land at the end of the earth)

Honored as “The Roof of the World”, Tibet is one of the most mysterious and remarkable tourist destinations in China. Cultural artifact, especially the monasteries, with their mystery and rich holy color will tell you the history of this place and shows you the status of Buddhism in people’s lives.

Lhasa (the heart of the Tibet)

Nepal Tibet tour package
Potala Palace | Nepal Tibet tour package

Lhasa the lands of elegent natural beauty and cultural beauty that reach back through the centuries.

Tsedang (the cradle of Tibetan Civilization)

Nepal Tibet tours
Tsedang | Nepal Tibet Tours

Further, Tsedang which is situated 170km Southeast of Lhasa along the banks of the Tsangpo River (Brahmaputra) in the Yarlung Valley is the the cradle of Tibetan civilization.

Namtso Lake (Heavenly Lake)

 Nepal Tibet tour package
Namtso Lake | Nepal Tibet Tour package

Namtso Lake (Heavenly Lake)  lives up to its name, being the closest lake in the world to the heavens.

Have you been to any of these places yet? Share your experiences. If you are planning your trip to Nepal Bhutan or Tibet, these few information may be helpful to plan for these places. Just let us know your requirement. For further inquiry mail us.

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