Come Let Us Have A Fine Dining Experience In Kathmandu

Posted in : 17th Jun, 2018

As a destination management expert, in Nepal tour packages, we are always looking forward to include something interesting, for our valued guests. This time we were looking for a fine dining experience in Kathmandu. As we were wondering, we got an invitation from the revolving restaurant in Kathmandu, situated just outside the Kathmandu International airport.

The creativity had been already high, so we were eager to experience the service and infrastructure of this property. Therefore, we wanted to have a fine dining experience in Kathmandu, in the evening in their revolving restaurant. We had many ideas, especially regarding where to include this service in our Nepal tour packages:

a) Should we provide honeymooners with wining and dining experience?

b) Should we offer lunch packages to our valued guest after their hectic immigration process at the airport?

c) Should we offer one dinner program, where guest will enjoy a delicious meal with panoramic views?

First of all, to include these services in our Nepal tour packages, we had to experience it ourselves. So, as invited we were there at 1830 hrs. We were greeted at the reception. One of the staffs accompanied us to the seventh floor. Revolving restaurant there it was. The first noteworthy, thing was they asked us our dietary restrictions. This question impressed us quickly. As we had none, we reciprocated the same. Then we started to look at the menu and the views as the restaurant started literally revolving.

First of all, it was time for some starters, so we ordered special “Thakali Aloo” (Roasted Potatoes) and Mushroom Chilly. Staff took our order well. While, we were discussing, our starters were already in our table. It was the nail biting situation, as taste is everything for us. God bless wonderful, less spicy, less oily, and best service. This was what we wanted. Thakali Aloo (Roasted Potatoes), I ordered the next plate as it was simply mouth watering. Not to miss they brought us 100 percent natural juice. The name was “Kafal Juice” (Bay – Berry Juice). A sip of it guaranteed it is natural.

It was getting darker; the view of the city lights from the restaurant was simply awesome. It was time for some pictures. We took some of the pictures of the restaurant, the city lights, and yes photo session of our team.

fiine dining experience in kathmandu

Finally, it was already time for the main course. We love Chinese food so we ordered Chinese course dinner. Our mouth was already watering before the arrival of the meal. When it arrived, the smell was good. We did not waste any time and served in our individual plates. The dish was less spicy, less oily, and clean. This is what we want from our restaurant stakeholder , as a result they are now already on top of our list.

Finally, it was time to say thank you and good-bye. We especially, appreciated their hospitality, hygienic, and tasty meal served. As a result, it was a fine dining experience in Kathmandu for our team.

If you wish to have an interesting dining experience in your Nepal tour package, just let us know your requirement. You may visit our website and request for it or you may mail us at [email protected]


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