The Hype of Experiential Tours

Posted in : 30th Mar, 2018

Consumers are striving for “travel better” philosophy. They wish to experience cities and places rich culture, traditions, and history rather than sailing around the open ocean or walking along the lakeside areas. The Experiential tour lets the travelers dive into the roots of history, culture, and people giving them a lifetime experience.

Welcome to Nepal Experience tour. In this tour, you will get to know more about its history, culture, and people who call it home. In terms of experience, Nepal has lots to offer. In addition to nature, Nepal has a rich cultural diversity. Nepal has three geographical regions. Further, each region has a different culture, traditions, people, and environment.

Visiting Kathmandu is like going back to the history. The temples, monuments you see around here are a second or third century old. These places whisper you the history and its culture. While visiting these marvelous sites interact with the local people who live nearby these places have been preserving this history for a long time. An interaction with these local people will tell you a lot about their livelihood, their love for culture. As urbanization is taking its toll, these local people are reluctant to change and they give you different reasons for this.

Nepal has various “tourist attractions”. It is likely, tour operators love to send tourists to these places. They still believe these places offer more value to the tourist. However, as the tourist behaviors are evolving, they are no more interested in seeing the made up things. They want hardcore exposure to an experience. The rural part of Nepal provides the tourist with the finest experience. These places do not want to be developed and should not be. Further, these are the places where you will get Nepal experience at its finest.

The people living in these regions of Nepal seem to be happier than those living in urban part are. They have a simple living and thinking philosophy. Living every day as it comes and providing for their family is what keeps them motivated. Men wake early in the morning and go to their fields, they graze their cattle, and some are involved in the plantation of rice or maize and some just go for a walk around the village and gather some fresh news. The women are involved in the house, house chores. Women are the pillars of the family.

Living with these people for a few days will provide you an experience of a lifetime. So for a complete experience, some sightseeing tours of stereotypical places and some days with these families make your Nepal Experience tour complete. The value this tour will provide will exceed your expectation.

So start planning for the Nepal experience tour. We can help you with this. You may book it through our website. In addition to that, you may mail us at [email protected]

We look forward to providing you an experience of a lifetime.

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