Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the first priority for the people who wish to see the raw nature, Nepali culture, and lifestyles. Being blessed by the Himalayan vistas, Nepal offers plenty of trekking opportunity which may last for a few days to some which last for a week.

Mountain may be the lure, but you are into a lot of surprises along the way. You will have a deep hearted cultural experience in this region of Nepal. You will find trekking is not only about seeing and appreciating the nature; it is a way of learning about the world the place and yourselves.

Mystical Nepal
Mystical Nepal 13 Days

Nepal tour is incomplete without adventure. You will start this trip to Nepal from the cultural hub of Kathmandu city....

Himalayan Adventure
Himalayan Adventure 10 Days

This Nepal trip offers a cultural, adventure and scenic immersion into the wonderful Himalayan destination of Nepal. Explore the world...

Langtang trek
Langtang trek 11 Days

Just north of Kathmandu is the region that is one of the popular trekking destination in Nepal. While trekking in...

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