“The Country Of Mount Everest”

Sandwiched between India and China, the terrain rises from barely 60 meters above the sea level to the highest point on earth (Mount Everest) 8,848 meters.This diverse landscape is the home to the people living and belonging to the distinctive ethnic groups and speaking a myriad of languages. It is a land of ancient history, splendid landscape, scenery and some of the best trekking on the planet.

Best Time To Visit Nepal

Between the months of October and December is the best time to visit Nepal. This is an autumn season in Nepal, which starts just after monsoons. The monsoon rains will have cleared all the dust in the atmosphere, giving way to clear blue skies and the spectacular view of the Himalayan range.

January and February may get cold (mostly during mornings and evenings); however, the panoramas and quieter trekking trails will be rewarding. The second best period starts from March through to May, which is a spring season in Nepal. The Rhododendrons bursts into bloom during this period, adding scenic themes to nature.

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