Breathtaking Hilltop Towns to Visit During Your Nepal Travel

Posted in : 7th Jan, 2019

Are you planning for a Nepal travel? If yes, then we recommend these breathtaking Hilltop towns to visit during your Nepal travel.

When one first thinks of Nepal travel, the highest mountain of the world and glamours landscapes comes into mind. During the process of creation of this Himalayan range some 50 million years ago, led to the creation of beautiful hilltop landscapes. Nepal was the country where this happened.

Now, after millions of years after, these landscapes are the famous hilltop towns in Nepal. For those who decide to visit the hilltop villages in Nepal, this is a dream come true and more.

Located in Nepal, these are some of the best hilltop towns that travelers must consider to visit during their Nepal travel.

1. Nagarkot hilltop town during Nepal travel

35 km from Kathmandu on the eastern rim of the valley is the hill of Nagarkot (1950 meters). This place offers a great panoramic view of the Himalayan range. On clear weather, views extend all the way from Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west, past Mt. Everest to Kanchenjunga in the west. While the mountains are relatively distant compared to the intimate view you will experience. Furthermore, Nagarkot is also a famous destination for sunset and sunrise view over the mountains.

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The Beautiful Hilltop Town of Nagarkot, Nepal

Moreover, between Octobers to March, the trip to Nagarkot will always be rewarded with the panoramic Himalaya view. Besides, an hour walk to the view tower at the highest southern point on the ridge will give a 360 degrees view from a lookout tower on the ridge.

2. Dhulikhel hilltop town during Nepal travel:

32 km from Kathmandu is the well preserved Newari town, mountain viewpoint, hiking, and biking hub of Dhulikhel. Further, the Himalayan peak on the view stretches from Langtang Lirung (7246 meters) in the east through Dorje Lakpa (6966 meters) to the huge bulk of Gauri Shankar (7145 meters) and Melungtse (7181 meters) in the west. Consequently, the magnificent sunrise and sunset from this hilltop town, make it one of the tourist attractions. The proximity to both natural beauty and historic town has added to Dhulikhel charm.

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The Magnificent Sunset View From Dhulikhel Hilltop Town, Nepal

Besides, the other attraction includes the old town, which is an interesting area to wander around, with some fine old Newari buildings and several interesting temples. This area is comprised exclusively of four and five storey brick mansions, many with ornate wooden lattices in place of a glass window. The older buildings held together only by mud mortar, show some serious crack from the infamous 1934 earthquake.

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Traditional Nepali House in Dhulikhel Hilltop Town

One night stay in Dhulikhel is always recommended to explore this beautiful town and glimpse sunset and sunrise over the Himalayas. Furthermore, the surrounding countryside offers interesting hikes.

3. Daman hilltop town during Nepal travel:

Daman (2322 meters) provides wide-ranging Himalayan viewpoints surrounding Kathmandu valley. This tiny hilltop town of Daman boasts what is arguably the most spectacular outlook on the Himalaya in the whole of Nepal. Lying below the Rajpath’s highest point, the hamlet overlooks the peaceful Palung valley towards a magnificent spread of the peaks.

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View of The Himalayan Range From Daman, Nepal

Moreover, travelers interested in the best panoramic view of the Himalayan range, Daman is the best hilltop town during Nepal travels.

Daman’s viewing tower offers the view of seven 8000 meters peal among eight located Nepal. This makes it a jewel for Himalayan wanderers.

4. Bandipur hilltop town during Nepal travel

The serene and beautiful hilltop of Bandipur is one of the famous tourist destinations in Nepal. This town preaches improbably in the ridge, beneath steep limestone peaks.

The town’s nineteenth-century mansions, with their grand neoclassical facades and shuttered windows, speak of past glories, and tourism is providing a new economic boom to this city.

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Early Morning Himalaya View From Bandipur Hilltop Town, Nepal

Bandipur Bazaar is the center of this hilltop town. Several shrines and temples surround the bazaar making it an interesting place to stroll around. Moreover, the relic is displayed on the seventh day of Dashain (Hindu biggest festival) but bound by a cloth piece. The locals here believe that anyone looking at the blade hidden beneath the wrapped cloth piece will die instantly as if the lightning struck.

Furthermore, there are plenty of hikes from the Bandipur’s central bazaar. Among them, hike to the Gurungche Daada (meaning Hill) is among the best. There is a well maintained, but occasionally giddy footpath that leads to the shrine of Thani Mai.

Moreover, it is one of the interesting places to glimpse sunrise, sunset, and the Himalayan range views.

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