Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur also known as ‘Bhadgaon’ is the third largest town in the valley. The stone embedded street links a string of temples, monastery, courtyards and monumental squares. You will quickly notice how vibrant the town’s cultural life is with strong communities of potters, woodcarvers and weavers. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is much larger and much less crowded then compared to other two durbar squares. Just upon entering the square you will notice the substitute signs of four great Indian pilgrimage sites. Most recognizable is the finely carved Bansi Narayan Mandir of Bishnu.

The northern side of the square is dominated by the royal palace, most of which dates back 300-400 years. Back out in the square, fames palace of 55 windows stretches off the east. Visit Nyatapola temple, this five-roofed standing 30 meters is the tallest temple in Nepal, so perfectly balanced it has survived numerous earthquakes since its construction in 1702. In Potters square you will see hundreds of vessels of all shapes and size set out to dry. The brick paved windings street, interesting side lanes and courtyards branching off it revels the heart of Bhaktapur.

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