Best Nepal Tour Package

Posted in : 18th Nov, 2018

Best Nepal tour package come in a variety.

Nepal crams more into its 147,181 square km than most countries 20 times its size. – Nepal Handbook – Published by “Avalon Travel Publishing

With a pride, Nepal is crowned by 10 of the highest mountains of the world. Further, Nepal barely rises from 60 meters above sea level on the southern part and rises to a staggering height of 5,380 meters (Everest Base camp). The amazing thing is this wild altitudinal variation occurs within approximately 250 km of distance south to north.

This country with such a wild variation of altitude fosters an incredible variety of ecosystem. From the tropical steamy jungles in the south, beautiful terraced valleys, and the rugged arctic Himalayan region. No doubt, Nepal is one of the naturally gifted countries in the world.

This gifted country offers travelers with wide varieties of best Nepal tour package.

Best Nepal tour package
Best Nepal Tour Package

The best Nepal tour package range from cultural tours, nature tours, adventure tours, wildlife tours, luxury tours in Nepal, and the world famous trekking in Nepal. These wide varieties of packages are due to the wide assortments of culture, traditions, landscapes, and people living in it.

Some of the best Nepal tour packages:-

Cultural tours in Nepal:

For most of the travelers visiting Nepal, their Nepal tour package starts from Kathmandu, the capital of the country. The reason being there is only one international airport in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley is a fertile green bowl set in the midst of the Himalayan foothills. The valley is an oasis of magnificent art and the home of ancient and sophisticated Newar culture.

Best Nepal tour packages
Massive Boudhanath Stupa

Furthermore, the Kathmandu valley has three sister cities Kathmandu city, Lalitpur “Patan” city, and Bhaktapur city. These used to be separate kingdoms in the past. In the present, beautiful Durbar Squares decorate these cities. Inside the Durbar Squares are the beautiful ancient monuments, temples built around 5th and 6th century. Hence, Kathmandu Valley also referred to as “Living Cultural Museum”. This makes Kathmandu valley a focal point for cultural tour enthusiasts.

Cultural Tour Package 01: Glimpse of Kathmandu (02 nights – 03 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Durbar Square | Swoyambhunath Stupa | Pashupatinath Temple | Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Short Description of This Tour

This short luxury best Nepal tour package will give you a glimpse of the Kathmandu valley. Further, glimpse impeccably saved legacy that appears to be unaltered from the medieval periods. You will visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, Kathmandu Valley has three sister cities (Kathmandu city, Bhaktapur city, and Patan city). Very much protected urban communities designed with magnificent architectures, pagoda style temples, the holiest Hindu temples, and the religious communities.

Moreover, in the event that you wish to incorporate the popular Everest Experience flight. We will incorporate this wonderful Everest Experience Flight in your Nepal cultural tour package.

Nepal tours and travels
Palace of 55 Window, Bhaktapur Durbar Square


Nepal tours and travels
Pashupatinath Temple, Holiest Hindu Temple


Nepal trip package
Swoyambhunath Stupa ” Monkey Temple”

In addition, Kathmandu valley is “A Living Cultural Museum“.

For further information and itinerary: Glimpse of Kathmandu | Travelsmith Nepal

Cultural Tour Package 02: Colors of Kathmandu (03 nights – 04 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Durbar Square | Swoyambhunath Stupa | Pashupatinath Temple | Patan Durbar Square | Nagarkot Hilltop Village | Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Short Description of This Tour

This holiday package in Nepal will take you to the holy temples, the great Stupa and staggering landmarks inside the Kathmandu Valley. You will stroll through curious looking sanctuaries and a bunch of red wide-evade houses, sumptuously enhanced with cut woodwork.

Best Nepal tour packages
Nagarkot Hilltop Village

Proceed onto quaint hilltop village of Nagarkot. Far away from the hustle clamor of the city to appreciate a peaceful withdraw at the peak town of Nagarkot, which is famous for panoramic views of the Himalayas, Sunset, and sunrise views. Besides, appreciate the dusk over the Himalayas. Wake up at an early hour toward the beginning of the day to view the sunrise over the Himalayas.

Furthermore, stroll around the Nagarkot town to see the way of life of neighborhood individuals here.

For further information and itinerary: Colors of Kathmandu | Travelsmith Nepal

Scenic Nepal Tour 

First and foremost, tourist visits Nepal to view its spectacular landscape. Dramatic landscape makes this country a prime attraction among tourists. Nature enthusiasts make their way to Pokhara Valley. Pokhara is a natural paradise of the country. 200 km west of Kathmandu, where tropical flowers grow on the shores of the tranquil lake, and the Himalayan peak filling the skyline.

holiday in Nepal
Tal Barahi Temple, Pokhara Valley

The Swiss geologist Toni Hagen, who had walked over 14,000 km in Nepal called Pokhara “One of the most extraordinary and the beautiful places in the whole world”. In just a few years, Pokhara has transformed from secluded Shangri-La to a major tourist destination. Pokhara is also the starting point of one of the world’s famous Annapurna trekking.

The tourist area of Lakeside stretched out along the shore of the valley’s largest lake. It is a place for travelers to retreat with sun, fun, beers, and the next meal. Lakeside in Pokhara is the best tourist attraction in the valley.

Nepal tour package
Pokhara Valley and Tranquil Fewa Lake

Furthermore, the next destination for the panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, sunrise, and sunset views is Nagarkot hilltop village. Normally, travelers stay one overnight in this hilltop village for these grandeur views. In addition, this place offers good hiking trails. Hence, Nagarkot is also a place for scenic tour enthusiasts.

Moreover, scenic Nepal tour packages offer beautiful Himalayan vistas, pristine lakes, and a diverse landscape. Nepal, no doubt, is one of the naturally gifted countries in the world. Hospitable Nepalese people further enhance this scenic tour with their charm. These people live among various landscapes, practicing own culture, religion, and language.

Scenic Nepal Tour package 01: Nepal Kaleidoscope Tour (06 nights-07 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Valley | Swoyambhunath Stupa | Patan Durbar Square | Pokhara Valley | Sunrise Excursion | Chitwan | Elephant Back Safari | Jungle Activities in Chitwan | Nagarkot Hill Village

Tour Description:

After cultural tours in Kathmandu Valley, the tour then proceeds to the pristine Pokhara Valley. This is a valley of immaculate lakes and mountains. The lakeside of Pokhara is the visitor one of the best attractions in Nepal. Further, drive south of Nepal through a mountain highway to Chitwan, this place appreciates the tropical atmosphere and perfect untamed wildlife.

Nepal tour packages
Endangered One-Horned Rhino At Chitwan National Park

Further, alongside the visit, Nepal’s social and scene start to change quickly.

You will experience how the nation has saved kaleidoscope of the ethnic, semantic and social convention, marvelous scene, equaled by few or none different countries.

Your forthcoming Nepal excursion, with the Nepal Kaleidoscope tour, will be one of the life experiences.

For further information and itinerary: Nepal Kaleidoscope Tour| Travelsmith Nepal

Scenic Nepal Tour Package 02: Rara Lake Tour (08 nights-09 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Durbar Square | Swoyambhunath Stupa | Patan Durbar Square | Rara Lake | Hiking

Tour Description:

This best Nepal tour package highlights Rara Lake, the most profound and deepest freshwater lake in Far Western Nepal Himalayas. This lake is also referred to as the queen of the Lakes. However, a few travelers incline toward trekking to this place. Nevertheless, this is only a short tour package to Rara.

Nepal tour package
Scenic Rara Lake

Besides, the forested inclines including Rara are so amazing. Among the best places, around Rara Lake, the Chhuchemara Incline 4,090m offers wonderful views of Himalayan and the lake itself. Further, this is the best viewpoint point for the glimpse of the striking views of the oval framed lake.

For further information and itinerary: Rara Lake Tour | Travelsmith Nepal

Wildlife tours in Nepal

It is amazing to know, the tropical region of Nepal possesses a beauty that is much unexpected in the country known for soaring Himalayas. This beauty is nowhere experienced than in wildlife reserves in Nepal.

One of the best wildlife sanctuaries is Chitwan National Park. A majestic, powerful, and downright primeval place teeming with wildlife in their natural habitat. Normally two nights stay in Chitwan is recommended. A few days years yield an unforgettable glimpse of endangered one-horned Rhinoceros. Further, rhinos loom out of the jungle in early morning mist like some prehistoric prototype of the armored tank. Vast seas of elephant grass ripple beneath a blood-red sunset. Moreover, the noisy silence of the jungle is full of birdcalls and jungle so lush you can almost hear the plants growing.

Chitwan National Park offers a variety of wildlife activities. An elephant safari is an unforgettable experience. You are relatively sure to see one-horned rhino, different types of deer, monkeys and various types of birds. Stalking the creatures, regardless of whether by an elephant, dugout/canoe ride, jeep or foot is the major activities here.

Furthermore, the biggest undisturbed wildlife sanctuary in the country lies way out in the far western region of Nepal.

Nepal travels
Elusive Bengal Tiger in Bardia National Park

This infamous, Bardia National Park on the western region of Nepal is still undisturbed from the tourist movements. Incorporating territory of 550 square kilometers, Bardia traverses a more noteworthy scope of territories. The creature seeing is additionally much superior to in Chitwan and it is significantly more pristine than Chitwan. Being 585 km by road from Kathmandu or 1 hrs flight to Nepalgunj and a three-hour drive makes this place harder to reach. Many have said the eliteness of Bardia gives a better understanding as compared to Chitwan.

Wildlife tour in Nepal package 01: Short Wildlife Tour (04 nights – 05 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Durbar Square | Swoyambhunath Stupa | Chitwan National Park | Jungle Safari | Elephant Back Safari | Dugout/Canoe Ride | Birdwatching | Visit to Elephant Breeding Center | Walk to tribal Tharu Village | Sunset View from the Rapti Ricer

Description of the tour:

This wildlife tour in Nepal will take you to the Chitwan, which literally means “Heart of The Jungle”. The wildlife sanctuary in Chitwan is one of the finest preserved wildlife sanctuaries in South East Asia. No place has the excellence preferred showed over in Chitwan National Park. Further, appreciate the subtropical atmosphere. Glimpse nearby encounter with deer, Spotted Chittal, Panther, and Sloth Lager. Alongside, these get up near a few other species, for example, one-horned Rhinoceros and if fortunate even elusive Bengal Tiger.

Tour package in Nepal
Elephant Back Safari In Chitwan National Park

For further information and itinerary: Short Wildlife Tour | Travelsmith Nepal

Wildlife tour in Nepal package 02: Splendors of Nepal (09 nights – 10 days)

Highlights: Kathmandu Valley | Dhulikhel Hilltop Town | Bandipur Hilltop Town | Pokhara Valley | Chitwan National Park | Jungle activities | Elephant back Safari | Jungle Walks | Dugout/Canoe ride | Visit Elephant Breeding Center | Cultural dance Presentation by a Local Tharu tribes

Description of the tour:

You will start this wildlife tour in Nepal from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu city. Here you will visit different medieval architectures. Further, you will visit the holiest Hindu temple and the great Buddhist Stupa. This best Nepal tour package proceeds to the verifiable town of Panauti, 36 kilometers south of Kathmandu city. Here you will visit astonishing old sanctuaries previously making a beeline for the ridge town, dawn and nightfall fascination of Dhulikhel. You will then drive to the pristine Pokhara town after a one night stay in hilltop scenic town of Bandipur hilltop town.

Nepal tours and travels
Scenic Bandipur Hilltop Town

Pokhara, famous for its pristine lakes and close up Himalaya views. Free mornings, you will have an unmistakable perspective of huge Mount Fishtail, which appears to ascend from the valley floor. The Lakeside in Pokhara is an extremely fascinating spot. In the nighttime, you may walk around the lakeside and ensure you get a few keepsakes wrapped to bring home.

Further, drive to Chitwan through a mountainous highway. Enjoy different jungle activities, such as elephant back safari, wilderness strolls, a visit to an innate town, a visit to the crocodile/elephant rearing focus. Furthermore, one of the fascinations, evening Tharu cultural dance performance.

These are some of the best Nepal tour packages that you may indulge in if you are planning to visit Nepal. If you require a customized package, let us know your requirement. We will tailor the program as per your exact requirements.

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