Are You Traveling To Bhutan? If You Are, Do Not Miss These Top 5 Attractions During Your Bhutan Tour Package

Posted in : 15th Oct, 2018

The Thunder Dragon Kingdom referred to as a land mystery and magic throughout the world. This small country located in the eastern Himalayas in South Asia. This is no ordinary place. It is the last Himalayan kingdom, which is truly a mystical place.

Further, Adored for its snow-capped mountain peaks that rise above shadowy gorges cloaked in primeval forests, the majestic fortress-like Dzongs, and monasteries Bhutan is truly a “Last Shangri-La”.

Bhutan holds many surprises. It is a country where the chilies are the main dish and the rice is red. Do not be embarrassed if you see penises painted on the country’s buildings. Paintings, known, as “Phallus paintings” are an enigmatic symbol.

If you are planning for a Bhutan Tour package, we recommend you do not miss these 5 of the attractions:

1. Taktshang Monastery:

This is Bhutan’s most famous monastery. This is one of the most revered religious sites. Further, it is one of the best attractions in Tibet. High above the Paro valley, Taktshang Monastery built on the sheer cliff face above 3000 meters is a remarkable site. It is also an important pilgrimage site for the Buddhists.

Legend says that great Guru Rinpoche had flown here on the back of tigresses when he bought the teaching of Buddhist Dharma in Bhutan in the eighth century. He then meditated in the cave for 3 months where the monastery was built.

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Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan – Travelsmith Nepal

The trail to Taktshang is broad and the walk is approximately 2 hours uphill, which will take you almost a kilometer above the Paro valley.

2. Punakha Dzong:

It is the second oldest and second largest and gorgeous Dzong in Bhutan; Also known as Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang (Palace of Great Happiness) by some.

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Punakha Dzong, Punakha

Punakha is a 3-hour drive from the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu. Further, this place is blessed with a temperate climate. Outstanding natural drainage from Pho Chhu (male) and Mo Chhu (female) rivers, the Punakha valley yields abundant crops and fruits. Punakha Dzong was the administrative center and capital of Bhutan until 1955 when the capital moved to Thimphu. There are marvelous views of the distant Himalayas at Dochula pass (ALT. 3,050m) on Thimphu – Punakha road. Punakha Dzong, 170 meters long and 72 meters wide is a massive and an impressive structure elaborately painted in gold, red and black impressed woods add to the artistic lightness of touch. The Dzong contains many precious ruins from the days when successive kings reined the kingdom from this valley.

3. Arts and Crafts:

Arts and crafts are one of Bhutan’s pride. These are on show at the schools of Zorig Chusu and many other handicraft shops. Bhutanese art is similar to Tibetan art. Both these arts are based upon Vajrayana Buddhism and its pantheon of teachers and divine beings.

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Crafting Skill Passed Through The Generations

Centuries of tradition have honed the skill of textile dyeing, weaving, and stitching. Women are most of the weavers. Further, it is rare to find a home in Bhutan that does not “clunk” to the sound of a loom. In addition to, the National Textile Museum in Thimphu, there are small handicraft shops all around the country.

4. Kyichu Lhakhang:

One of the most important, one of the oldest, and one of the revered and beautiful Buddhist temple located in Lango Gewog of Paro District in Bhutan. A twin temple complex and the oldest temple is believed to have been built in 659 AS by King Songtsen Gampo of Tibet. The periphery of the temple hums with prayers and prayer wheels.


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Kyichu Lhakhang

5. Archery:

Archery in Bhutan, an exhilarating and entertaining to watch is the national sport of the Kingdom. There are two classes: one from the traditional bamboo bow and another from carbon- fiber bows that thrusts the arrows at astonishing speeds. The amazing thing is Bhutanese people are so good at this. The target seems tiny, and the distance is large. Yet, the target gets hit quite regularly. Look for weekend sessions at Paro’s Archery Ground.

Archery in Bhutan
Archery in Bhutan

These are only some of the famous attraction, that you must make sure is included in your Bhutan tour package. There are many more other attractions that will be continued in the next blog.

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